04 Jan: Balance you Life – Life is Better IN Balance!

Are you enjoying BALANCE between work & play, family & friends, sleep & activity, chores & fun? Pay attention to what feels out-of-balance in your life, then focus on the steps needed to tip things in your favor to improve the health of your mind, body, and Spirit. Focus on finding BALANCE in your thoughts and actions. Remember – Life is Better IN Balance! .

Acts of Kindness

19 Dec: 50 Ways to Pay it Forward this Holiday Season with Random Acts of Kindness

No one has ever become poor by giving, so “Pay it Forward” this holiday season by performing random acts of kindness. Here are some simple ideas. Bake goodies and take them to the police station, fire station, emergency room. Pay a local teenager to mow someones yard, who is elderly, sick or their spouse is away. Knit or crochet a baby blanket and take it to the Nurses station, in the hospital, for the next…


12 Dec: Confidence is Sexy: Are you wearing yours today?

Don’t know what to wear today?  How about just wearing your confidence.  It can be worn anytime, in any season and it costs you nothing! Self-confidence is an attitude which allows individuals to have positive yet realistic  views of themselves and their situations.  Self-confident people trust their own abilities,  have a general sense of control in their lives, and believe that, within reason, they will  be able to do what they wish, plan, and expect. Having self-confidence…