GGR Book Club

Secret affiliation

22 Jul: GGR Book Club: Books by Kimberly A. Bailey

Chosen By One: You Are The Best illustrates how to build your inner confidence, fulfill your purpose and live a life full of peace and joy. Simone Harley: Secret Afflictions tells the story of a young successful attorney, Simone Harley, who appears to have a distinguishable and enviable life. However, many are not aware of her secret struggles with her tumultuous past and hidden afflictions. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kimberly A. Bailey was born…

Where is Home

13 Mar: GGR Book Club: Where Is Home? by Mohani Stockwell

This is a story depicting the author’s early life growing up Guyana, South America. The author reflects on her family’s origin and her adolescent years spent in Bengal and Plantation Highbury. She writes about her travel, studying and working in various countries and how she was able to cope with the adversity, and diversity of life. Throughout the book the author writes about the different places she called home and how it impacted her life….


31 Jan: GGR Book Club: Chasing Happy and More Books by Laurene Bob-Semple

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laurene Bobb-Semple was born in London to a Guyanese father and Jamaica mother.  She has written two books Chasing Happy and Chasing Dreams, the final book will be released next year completing her book trilogy. Her books were ranked as Amazons best sellers. Here’s Laurene’s story.. If you’re anything like me, you’re usually curious about the person behind a book you’ve read, or plan on reading, so I thought I’d share a…


05 Jan: GGR Book Club: Navigators Travel to Guyana by Jacqueline Smartt

Navigators Travel to Guyana gives a taste of what Guyana has to offer to its readers, and it is the follow up to Navigators Travel to Barbados written by Howard Liverpool. This time our intrepid explorers travel to Guyana and learn about the history and geography of the country. They also sample some of the local cuisine and have a scary encounter with a ram sheep. It’s a children’s book geared to kids from ages…


11 Dec: GGR Book Club: Sugar and Spice and More Books by Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra

Sugar and Spice is a collection of recipes for the best of the worlds sweets, tiny cakes and patisserie, from delicately spiced Indian milk sweets to nutty Spanish marzipans; from tiny French sponge cakes to Scottish fudge. Crunchy brittles, tempting truffles, sticky toffees, caramels, nougat, honeycomb… there are treats to suit all tastes. Over 120 easy-to-follow recipes offer small delights from near and far ; ideal for all the family, for entertaining or for giving as…

The Honest Tailor

13 Nov: GGR Book Club: The Honest Tailor and more books by Shaeeza Haniff

What would you do if you unexpectedly got a bag filled with money? This story tells the tale of a hardworking tailor, his wife and children who had a simple tailor shop. One day, they were lucky to find a bag full of money. So what should they do? With charming and delightful illustrations by her mother, Shaeeza Haniff’s tale of her grandparents’ honesty is timeless in its lessons learnt. Another read aloud book that…

The Secret Life of Winnie Cox

22 Oct: GGR Book Club: The Secret Life of Winnie Cox: Slavery, forbidden love and tragedy & more books by Sharon Maas

Winnie Cox lives a privileged life of dances and dresses on her father’s sugar cane plantation. Life is sweet in the kingdom of sugar and Winnie along with her sister Johanna, have neither worries nor responsibilities, they are birds of paradise, protected from the poverty in the world around them. But everything can change in a heartbeat….When Winnie falls in love with George Quint, the post-office boy, a ‘darkie’ from the other side, she soon finds herself…


14 Oct: Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism – This is My Story by Sukree Boodram

A wife and mother embracing her cultural and traditional beliefs made a heart breaking decision to leave an abusive marriage to an alcoholic in this gripping new memoir. Raised to keep personal problems to herself, Sukree Boodram decided to never seek help and to never stand up to her husband, and ultimately found herself in a bind. But in this provocative memoir, she shows how she found her courage and inner strength to leave and continue on…

The Slipper

20 Sep: GGR Book Club: The Slipper – by Amanda Sohan

The Slipper is a classic tale of love and loss portrayed in the most unconventional style. Included are lovable, colorful characters such as Meetu, Vishnu, maa and baap who’s humor infuses a serious subject matter in a very unique, warm and touching manner. What happens when a headstrong teen falls for an unsuitable suitor? What becomes of her future when her strict parents desire another path? And what ensues years later when Meetu’s past catches…

The Adventures Of Lucy And Brown Boy

18 Sep: GGR Book Club: The Adventures Of Lucy And Brown Boy (ebook) by Lisa Punch

The Adventures Of Lucy And Brown Boy – Lucy is a young girl who loves adventure but lost her dog Brown Boy. This book also includes a fun coloring section as well as learning questions from the book. The Adventures Of Lucy And Brown Boy ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Lisa Punch was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana and migrated to the United States of America at the age of 21. She writes poetry, songs and…