Asha Blake, Media Strategist

21 Oct: She Rocks! Asha Blake: Five-Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist

  Asha Blake is a former network anchor turned Digital Media mogul and media consultant to the stars!  She was born in 1961 in Guyana, the daughter of an education specialist and a teacher. Asha was raised in Toronto and later in Minnesota, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism. A five-time Emmy award winner, Asha has served as a solo anchor for national network news programs, hosted syndicated daytime programming,…

sherry ann dixon

12 Oct: She Rock! Guyanese Journalist, Sherry Dixon, admitted to Black 100+ Hall Of Fame

Founder & CEO of the award-winning global organization, Women on the Crossroads, Sherry Ann Dixons, was recently admitted to The Black 100+ Hall of Fame. The Black 100+ Project is an Exhibition of the top 100 Black Achievers in Modern Britain. Guyanese by birth, Sherry is highly respected in the ethnic community in Britain and developed a following of dedicated readers with her health, lifestyle, beauty and relationship articles  She is very passionate about raising the…


05 Oct: SHE ROCKS! Cynthia Nelson – Food Enthusiast, Journalist, Blogger & Author

Cynthia Nelson was born and raised in Guyana but currently resides in Barbados. She’s a trained media practitioner and teach Broadcast Journalist. Through her work as a journalist, Cynthia has traveled the length and breadth of the Caribbean tasting, cooking and experiencing West Indian food, first hand. Having learned to cook at an early age, Cynthia is at ease in the kitchen creating dishes that reflect the diversity of the region – Indian, African, Portuguese, Spanish,…