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Guyana Commits to Protecting Venezuelan Migrants

08 Apr: Guyana Commits to Protecting Venezuelan Migrants

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) — Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton says the Government remains committed to safeguarding the social wellbeing of Venezuelan migrants in the country, making sure they are protected and are paid fairly for their labour. He was speaking at a webinar hosted via Zoom by the United […] Click here to view original article at www.caribbeannationalweekly.com

Samantha McGregor Shares an Insight into her Life and Business

06 Apr: Samantha McGregor Shares an Insight into her Life and Business

via www.ustimesnow.com Born in Guyana and raised in Toronto, where she lives, Samantha McGregor was always destined to be great. She started off her journey to success bright and early. Now, she is an accomplished Email marketing expert and digital strategist with a solid background in Customer Success, SaaS, and marketing technology. She started her consultancy firm sometime in 2019, and she soon discovered that she has a passion for bringing big business strategies to…

It's a long way from Guyana to Springfield

06 Apr: It’s a long way from Guyana to Springfield

via www.illinoistimes.com June Wood Agamah moved to Springfield in 1995 with her husband, Dr. Edem Agamah, and their three young daughters. It’s a long way from her Guyana homeland – where she was called Caryl.  Edem was born in Ghana. Frequently Americans assume they are from the same country. They were born nearly 4,000 miles and an ocean apart. Guyana is on the northern coast of South America and Ghana on the western coast of…

UK Journalist Joy Persaud copy

06 Nov: UK Journalist Joy Persaud is Proud of Her Guyanese Heritage

By Joy Persaud www.telegraph.co.uk When someone asks, “Where are you from?” I’ll try to guess what version of the truth they want. For some, the fact that I was born and bred in northwest London but now live on the English south coast is enough by way of explanation.  But, for others, it’s a precursor to: “But, where are you really from?” I am British but not British enough (for certain people). I have Indian…

Krysta Feature

13 May: Meet Krista Martins, Founder of Wukkout! A Caribbean Dance Fitness Movement

Krista Martins is a professional choreographer, ACE-certified group fitness instructor and founder of Wukkout!® She has been teaching and performing professionally for over 15 years; she is also a Professor at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus where she teaches hip hop dance to undergraduate students. Krista has performed in a wide variety of music videos, commercials and television shows including but not limited to performances with MTV, BET, and the NFL. Most notably, her choreography…

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05 May: Guyanese-born physician assistant beat COVID-19 in NY and back on the frontlines

Via stabroeknews.com Guyanese-born physician assistant, a frontline worker at a New York hospital, successfully beat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and returned to her job when it was “overloaded” with patients, many of whom were dying.  Shara Khan told Stabroek News (SN) she was not prepared for what came next. The facility was turned into a Covid-19 hospital. “I badly wanted to go back to work as I knew there were people there that needed…

Shawna Kimbrell: the first female African-American fighter pilot

27 Mar: Shawna Kimbrell: The First Female African-American Fighter Pilot Is Inspiring the Next Generation

via  face2faceafrica.com We first introduced you to Shawna Kimbrell back in 2012.  Today, she spends her time inspiring the next generation of fighter pilots.  Here’s her story. Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell, the first black female fighter pilot in the U.S. Airforce was assigned to the 13th Fighter Squadron in Misawa, Japan. She was deployed in support of Operation Northern and Southern Watch, becoming the first female pilot to fly combat missions. Rising to become a Major…

From Guyana to Mama Africa: Tracing my roots and culture

09 Mar: From Guyana to Mama Africa: Margaux Wong Traces Her Roots & Culture

Via www.nation.co.ke The story of how former United States President Barack Obama discovered his African roots has undeniably been a source of inspiration to many Africans in the diaspora, who are proud to be associated with their ancestry. Just like Obama in his memoir Dreams from My Father, Margaux Wong’ is a woman on a mission — to discover her African roots — she was born and raised in Guyana, a country in the north-eastern…

Valerie Amos makes history as first black head of any Oxford college

08 Feb: Guyanese Valerie Amos Makes History as the First Black Head of Any Oxford College

Via briefly.co.za – Baroness Valerie Amos has been appointed the new Master of University College at Oxford University – She makes history as both the first female Master of University College, Oxford, and the first black head of any Oxford college – Baroness Valerie Amos will step down as current Director of University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and will begin her new role on 1 August The Director of University of…

Omaiah Hall: A star in the making

03 Feb: She Rocks! Meet Omaiah Hall – Guyana’s 2020 Junior Calypso Monarch

Via www. guyanachronicle.com OMAIAH Aaliyah Hall is an 18-year-old Communications student at the University of Guyana who was recently crowned the Junior Calypso and Soca Monarch  in Guyana. She’s also an alumni of Bishops and St. Roses High Schools.  In a recent interview with ‘The Buzz’,  Omaiah shared that she has always been passionate about the arts, especially music.  Here’s her story.. “I love how you can relate an entire story through a song and…