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The Kingdom Choir

20 May: Royal Wedding Choir Conductor, Karen Gibson, was born to Guyanese Parents!

Today guests at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s royal wedding witness history and were treated to a  number of romantic moments including a gospel performance of “Stand by Me” by The Kingdom Choir. The Kingdom Choir led by its founder, Karen Gibson, sang the American R&B classic from the West End of St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Back in 2015, GGR featured the Award Winning conductor, who was born in London to Guyanese Parents.  Karen formed The…


10 Apr: She Rocks! Meet Karen Gibson – Award Winning Gospel Choir Conductor

Karen Gibson, a full time choir conductor and workshop leader, is a powerhouse of inspiration and energy. One of the UK’s most noted and experienced gospel tutors and facilitator, Karen has been involved with various orchestras, bands, vocal groups, worship teams and choirs for over 25 years.  She  has conducted gospel workshops all over the UK, Europe, Africa and USA and was recently nominated in the categories of Best Contribution to Gospel Music for the GMA’s and…