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GGR Empowerment Quotes

29 Jun: Walk away from people who don’t motivate or inspire you…

You cannot always count on everyone to support your dreams, but having people in your circle who are constantly exuding negative energy can be quite exhausting and discouraging. We all need friends in our corner, even a few cheerleaders, but it should not be at the expense of you following your ambitions. You should walk away from the ones who don’t motivate, inspire or uplift you.

05 Aug: Trust Your Intuition, Listen to Your Instincts…..

You can never truly know another person, so always ALWAYS trust your intuition. If everything seems fine on the surface, but alarm bells are going off inside you, heed that warning! We’re all energetic beings, and if something about that other person doesn’t align with you, you’re going to feel that whether it’s obvious or not. AwesomeLifeTips.com