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Write for Us/Share Your Story

Are you a Guyanese woman/girl who is influential in your community or a pioneer in your field? Do you own a business, or run a successful organization? Are you an athlete, honor students or someone with a special skill or talent? Share your story with us. If you know someone with an empowering or inspiration story, tell us about it.


Thank you for your interest in writing for GGR! We are 20,000+ followers strong and growing so this is a great opportunity to get your story in front of a wonderful community of predominantly women.


1. You submit your amazing content and we will share it “free of charge” with our dedicated followers.

2.  An author’s box will attached to each post with a short bio, photo and links to your social media accounts.

3. If you own a blog or website, we allow a single mention of your Brand in each post with linkback to your profile or platform. This will help to grow your brand awareness.

4.  Increase your social media following and online authority.  The more shares your content gets, the more trustworthy the brand will be the audience.

5.  Receive insightful feedback from the readers and other contributors,  which can lead to valuable connections.


1. We  prefer original content that you own the rights to and that hasn’t been previously published.  If you decide to republish a prior article, please revise the content and change the title to avoid duplicate content penalties from google.
2. Original photographs are great. If not, please provide the source of the image when possible so that we may credit the photographer. Images should be high-resolution (larger the better)
3. Submission of your story does not guarantee it will be published. We will let you know if your submission is accepted or if additional information of edit is needed.
4. If asked to verify information or edit your submission, please try to respond as soon as possible. Submissions which require excessive editing will not be accepted.
5. Try to make your title catchy, but not misleading.
6. A typical article is between 500 and 1,000 words. However, quality always beats quantity.
7. The tone of your story should be positive, informative, fun, upbeat, or engaging. Negative, judgmental or discriminatory stories will not be accepted.
9.We encourage you check your published article on a regular basis to respond to any comments and questions that the readers may leave for you.

  • Submit your article following the guidelines listed above to submissions@guyanesegirlsrock.com.
  • Add topic and title of article to email subject line.
  • Include a short author’s bio and a photo
  • Note that it may take up to 2 week for your article to be published so please be patient.
  • Once your article is published you will be provided with a link to the story, which you may also share to your social platforms for optimum exposure.
  • Empowerment:  Inspirational personal stories of triumph, success or positive outcome. The subject must be a woman of Guyanese heritage.
  • Beauty: Fashion/style, hair, skin, nails or make-up tips, etc.
  • Life: Health and wellness, fitness, travel, motherhood/childcare tips, etc.
  • Finance: Money management, insurance, student loans, retirement tips, etc.
  • Love: Marriage, dating, relationship stories or tips.
  • Career: Workplace, entrepreneurial, business tips.
  • Culture: Music, celebrations, celebrity news, or cultural topics that encourages conversation.

Our readers love a great story, so do share!

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