Guyanese Girl


01 Nov: Happy November Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Guyanese Girls who were born during the month of November. Wishing you a sweet celebration – You Rock!  Share with us your birthday wishes….   Modern November Birthstone The modern gem for November is considered topaz, both colorless and golden varieties. (Topaz is a fluorine aluminum silicate and often comes in shades of yellow.) According to, the topaz symbolizes constancy, loyalty, faithfulness, friendship, strength, releasing tension and balancing emotions….

Shundell Prasad

01 Nov: She Rocks! Shundell Prasad: Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Director

On the eve of its release in theaters across the country, and coinciding with the upcoming “Diwali” holiday, it’s very fitting to introduce this very talented filmmaker and the woman behind the movie “Festival of Lights.” Shundell Prasad screenwriter, filmmaker and movie director working out of New York and LA. She was born in Guyana but migrated to the US at age 6. Shundell is a graduate of New York University’s Prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where…


31 Oct: She Rocks! Dr. Samantha Tross: First Black Female Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the UK

Only 6% of all surgeons in the United Kingdom are female, and Dr. Samantha Tross is one of them. She’s the first Black British woman to become a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon. Samantha was born in Georgetown Guyana on June 30, 1968 to Sammy and Gwendolin Tross. The second of their four children, she went to St. Gabriel’s Primary School before her diplomat father was assigned to England and the family relocated. Samantha obtained a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree…


29 Oct: She Rocks! Grace Aneiza Ali – Founder | Editorial Director, Of Note Magazine

Grace Aneiza Ali is the founder and editor of, an online magazine that celebrates people of color in the arts. She was born in Guyana and moved to the United States when she was fourteen years old. Having grown up surrounded by a culture of illiteracy among women, she is committed to the work of educating girls in developing nations. Grace launched Of Note in 2009 as a platform to honor “artists whose work values compassion,…

Brenda DoHarris

28 Oct: Brenda Chester DoHarris – Writer/Professor

If you’ve ever read the novels The Coloured Girl in the Ring and Calabash Parkway, then you’re familiar with this very talented writer.  Brenda Chester DoHarris is a Guyanese writer now living and lecturing in the USA. She as born in Georgetown, Guyana in 1946 to Rebecca Theresa Chester (a nurse-midwife) and Clement Vincent Chester (government dispenser). Brenda is a professor of English at Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland and a graduate of Columbia…

Shanice Jones

26 Oct: Shanice Jones – Model/Actress/Fashion Designer

It’s always really inspiring to see young creative talents making an impression on the world and this 23 year old Guyanese model/actress/fashion designer is doing just that.  Born on July 29, 1989 Shanice Jones has rapidly established herself in the New York fashion industry.  Since migrating to the U.S in 2007, Jones has already launched her own clothing line “The Shanice Jones Collection”. Jones grew up in New Amsterdam, Berbice and attended the Trinity Street Primary School, New Amsterdam Multilateral then…

Melanie Fiona

25 Oct: Guyanese Heritage: Melanie Fiona, Two-Time Grammy Winning Artist

R&B songstress Melanie Fiona broke out as a rising star in 2009 with her debut album “The Bridge” and Billboard-topping single “It Kills Me”.  She was born Melanie Fiona Hallim on born on July 4, 1983, in Toronto, Canada, to Guyanese parents who immigrated to Canada in the late 1970s. Melanie began writing songs at the young age of 16.  Her father was a guitarist in a band and would allow her to sit on…

Guyana's Tasty Exotic

24 Oct: “Guyana’s Tasty Exotic” – A Culinary Classic

Meet Guyanese born Deborah Borocas, author of “Guyana’s Tasty Exotic – A contemporary take on the cuisine of Guyana, the Land of Six Peoples.” This cookbook includes 82 recipes with magnificent pictures of the many cuisines that showcases Guyana’s rich culinary history. The book also features pictures of Guyana’s beautiful landscape, its people, folklores, slang and traditions. Deborah started cooking at the tender age of 9.  The second of seven children she became her Mother’s kithcen…

Timeka Marshall

23 Oct: Timeka Marshall – Reggae Songstress/Song Writer

Timeka Marshall was born on February 14th, 1989 in Georgetown, Guyana and is taking the reggae music world by storm.  This versatile singer/songwriter got her break into the music industry after winning a jingle competition for a local telecommunications company. Since winning the jingle competition, Timeka has evolved as an artist.  Her music is a fusion of reggae/ dancehall rhythms mixed with R&B vocal style. With her name generating buzz in Guyana, Timeka was keen to cultivate her songwriting talents and attended the…

Asha Blake, Media Strategist

21 Oct: She Rocks! Asha Blake: Five-Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist

  Asha Blake is a former network anchor turned Digital Media mogul and media consultant to the stars!  She was born in 1961 in Guyana, the daughter of an education specialist and a teacher. Asha was raised in Toronto and later in Minnesota, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism. A five-time Emmy award winner, Asha has served as a solo anchor for national network news programs, hosted syndicated daytime programming,…