Women’s History


15 Mar: Guyanese Winifred Gaskin in History: Winifred Gaskin

Winifred Gaskin, CCH, OD was an Afro-Guyanese educator, journalist, and civil servant who entered politics. After a career in public service, she was appointed as the first high commissioner of Guyana to the Commonwealth Caribbean Countries organization. Her dedication to public service was honored with the Jamaican Order of Distinction and the Caciques Crown of Honour, Guyanas second highest service award. 1. Early life Winifred Ivy Thierens was born on 10 May 1916 in Buxton,…


28 Mar: Women In History: Guyanese, Iris de Freitas, was the first female lawyer in the Caribbean

Guyanese, Iris de Freitas, was the first female lawyer in the Caribbean and possible The chance discovery on eBay of a postcard featuring a portrait of a young black woman in university robes has led a Welsh university to honour one of its alumni. As part of its International Women’s Day celebrations on Tuesday 8 March 2016 Aberystwyth University,  a public research university in Aberystwyth, Wales officially named a room in honour of Iris de…

A piece of History

08 Mar: A Piece of History: Private Diana Williams – Army Vehicle Maintenance Worker in British Guiana

This poster image was taken from the Imperial War Museums website and, according to the site, it shows a female worker from British Guiana working for the Auxiliary Territorial Service. The poster is of Private Diana Williams, a recruit from British Guiana. According to the poster, part of Diana’s work consisted of helping with the maintenance of army vehicles. Here she is seen beginning the job of retreading a tyre in the corner of a…


26 Mar: Women in History: Daphne Steele UK’s First Black Hospital Matron

Guyanese-born Daphne Steele made headlines around the world when she became the UK’s first black hospital matron in 1964. For the time, Daphne’s achievement was nothing short of amazing. Former Deputy Director of Nursing at the Department of Health, Nola Ishmael, described Daphne as a ‘first’ who led with dignity and determination.“ She helped to shape aspirations for BME nurses across the profession who sought to follow in her footsteps.” Daphne was born in 1929…

Helen Taitt

25 Mar: Women in History: Helen Taitt – An Accomplished Choreographer and Professional Dancer

Helen Taitt was the founder and director of the School of Guyana Ballet, which trained many of the teachers with the Guyana National School of Dance. Her dancing career spanned two decades from the 1950s to 1970s. Helen made the theatre her life-long career, performing, composing and teaching right up to the end of her life. She was Guyana’s best known, most accomplished and acclaimed professional dancer, and was also a choreographer, writer, dance instructor,…

IWD 2016

08 Mar: Happy International Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate all of the amazing, hard working, rock star women of the world!  But let’s not stop today; we must continue to encourage, embrace and inspire each other as we travel through the daily paths of life.  It’s also important to celebrate ourselves. Women are the strong backbone of  their families and society and can create, influence and change lives, but we must invest in ourselves and celebrate our own victories as well.

Amy Barbour-James by Unknown photographer

01 Mar: Women in History: Amy Barbour-James, An Early Civil Rights Activist

 Amy Barbour-James  (named Caroline Amy Aileen Barbour-James) was a London-born Guyanese civil rights activist and civil servant. Barbour-James was born in London on 25 January 1906 to Guyanese parents, John and Caroline Barbour-James. They were a middle-class family who lived in west London in the early 20th century. Amy’s father, John Barbour-James, was a postmaster in Victoria-Belfield, in Guiana and was transferred to a post office off the Gold Coast (now: Ghana) in 1902. The family later relocated to London in 1905….

Women's History Month

01 Mar: Happy Women’s History Month!

Throughout history, women have made significant contributions to society and have helped to build nations.  In honor of Women’s History Month,  GGR will feature some of the dynamic Guyanese women who have made history, and those who have made monumental, although often unacknowledged contributions to society. Do you know a woman who is worthy of being featured?  


06 Mar: Women in History – Guyana’s First Miss World Beauties

In 1966, The Land of Many Waters, Guyana, graced the Miss World stage for the first time in history. Hoping for the best, yet preparing for the worst, little did they know that their representative, Umblita Van Sluytman would be called into the semi- finals. She did not advance to the top 7 round, but competing for the first time and making it to the semi- finals was an accomplishment worth the celebration. At the…