GGR Book Club

Inside Outer Beauty

03 Jun: Inside Outer Beauty: Thriving for Healthy and Beautiful Skin Throughout the Ages

Inside Outer Beauty: Thriving for Healthy and Beautiful Skin Throughout the Ages Whether you have normal skin or oily skin, teen skin or mature skin, you’ll find applicable and actionable solutions for your specific skin type, that will help guide you on your journey toward obtaining and maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Subscribe to for more beauty and wellness tips.

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook

03 Jun: The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love by Abiola Abrams

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love: The 11 Secrets of Feminine Power The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love is your passport to become the woman you were born to be. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it. Love-Body-Spirit coach, advice columnist, and motivational speaker Abiola Abrams reveals 11 self-worth secrets with assignments to awaken your feminine energy, reclaiming the word bombshell to mean a woman who deliciously embodies her mind, body, spirit…

Power and Change in the Caribbean

03 Jun: GGR Book Club: Communication, Power and Change & more Books by Paloma Mohamed

Communication Power and Change in the Caribbean takes a fascinating, holistic, multi-level actor-oriented approach to examining social change in two Caribbean countries. Paloma Mohamed evaluates the power of various communicative artefacts produced by various strata in those societies, investigating what constitutes this power, how it is used, how it is maintained and whose interests are served. The result is a richly researched, deeply thoughtful and passionately argued case for placing communication at the core of…


03 Jun: GGR Book Club: Books by Maggie Harris About the Author Maggie Harris was born in Guyana but has lived in the United Kingdom since the early 1970s. She performs her work widely in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and throughout Europe.

Look At You - You Are Beautiful

03 Jun: Look At You! You Are Beautiful by Karen O. Roberts

Look At You! You Are Beautiful Embrace people’s differences with Karen O. Roberts’s empowering debut children’s book, Look at You! You Are Beautiful. Brimming with vibrant pictures of kids from all walks of life, this charming collection stands in stark contrast to defeat the looks-obsessed culture in which children grow up today. Instead of focusing on physical beauty, Look at You! You Are Beautiful celebrates everyone’s uniqueness in a way that is easy, fun, and…


03 Jun: Silent Hearer by Marcia S. Shury

Silent Hearer by Marcia Shury | ISBN # 978-1-68118-826-3 | Tate Publishing “Silent Hearer” chronicles the story of Marcia S. Shury as her happy childhood was turned upside down due to the onset of a sudden partial hearing loss.  The book details how she rose above the many obstacles and frustrations that she encountered in school, in her career and relationships as she resolved to live a normal life.

Maggie Harris

05 Mar: Food of your Soul: “Cleopatra Herself In All Her Glory” by Guyanese Poet, Maggie Harris

Cleopatra herself in all her glory couldn’t look as good I did done up in all my finery for an assignation with you. Maybe I was in denial but there’s something about an affair that apart from feeling horny makes you Queen-like and so beautiful you love yourself just looking. The noise your skin makes shining drowns out the crickets rivals the fireflies goes out into the world singing like a pissed fly and if…