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Guyanese Deputy Police Inspector Rhonda O’Reilly-Bovell Inducted into Hunter College Hall of Fame

New York Police Department Deputy Inspector Rhonda O’Reilly-Bovell received a resounding applause when she stepped on to the stage at Hunter College to be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame, and presented with a certificate during a May 4 ceremony in the school’s West wing in Manhattan.

The Guyanese-American, whose astounding accomplishment got the attention of the Hall of Fame committee, also had her name unveiled on a plaque with six other inductees during the evening that honored the distinguished alumni.

Bovell, the co-founder and president of the Guyanese American Law Enforcement Association (GALIA), said she was humbled to receive such an honor and expressed gratitude to her relatives, husband, and her mother, whom she said sacrificed so much to send her to New York to fulfill her dreams.

Bovell, who joined the New York Police Department immediately after graduating from Hunter College in 1996, is the first female Guyanese NYPD officer to make such a rapid transition from her first post as officer in the 100th Pct. to sergeant in 2002, lieutenant in 2010, captain in 2014 and deputy inspector in 2017.

The NYPD bravest has worked throughout the city, above and below ground, in Transit district 33, which covers train stations in East New York, and Brownsville, Brooklyn, the 30th Pct. in upper Manhattan, South Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center.

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