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She Rocks! Meet Future Forensic Scientist, Keiann Simon


A few years ago, Guyana added state-of-the-art DNA testing to its crime-fighting arsenal. Now, Guyana-born John Jay College of Criminal Justice student Keiann Simon is working to become another weapon in the fight against crime in her homeland.

A graduating senior majoring in forensic science, Simon is bound for the University of Washington’s pharmaceutics Ph.D. program — getting her closer to her goal of working with Guyana governmental agencies battling crime and seeking justice.

Guyana-born John Jay College of Criminal Justice student Keiann Simon is studying forensic science and other disciplines — with plans to aid crime fighting in her homeland. (JOHN JAY COLLEGE)


The University of Washington program, focusing primarily on pharmaceutics, is a combination of pharmacology and toxicology — important areas in the study and practice of forensic science.

“My plan is to go back home to Guyana and have an impact on the forensic science industry there and across the Caribbean by building on the forensic science systems they currently have in place,” Simon said in a recent CUNY Senior Spotlight article.

Simon, who graduates Wednesday, credits John Jay College with providing the important first steps toward her forensic science goals.

“She wants to revolutionize the forensic sciences in Guyana, upgrade facilities, expand university education, inspire the next generation to enter the field,” said John Jay College spokesman Rich Relkin.

“People often talk about standing on the shoulders of others as they work to change lives. Keiann wants to be those shoulders,” said Relkin, touting the praises of the talented and inspired student.

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