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13 Jul: Look At You! You Are Beautiful

Embrace people’s differences with Karen O. Roberts’s empowering debut children’s book, Look at You! You Are Beautiful.

Brimming with vibrant pictures of kids from all walks of life, this charming collection stands in stark contrast to defeat the looks-obsessed culture in which children grow up today.

Instead of focusing on physical beauty, Look at You! You Are Beautiful celebrates everyone’s uniqueness in a way that is easy, fun, and educational for readers of any age.

By representing children of every background—including those who are black or white, with curly hair or straight, blue eyes or brown, tall stature or short, and everything in between—Roberts helps broadcast a positive message that builds optimism and confidence for all kids.

With the proper encouragement to embrace their own special features, readers can gain the courage to reach for their dreams. Because despite the vast differences we may see in our physical features, each and every one of us is alike on the inside—and that’s the best kind of beauty of all!

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05 Jun: Are You An Author? Submit Your Book to the Guyanese Girls Rock Book Club

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