Guyanese Girls Rock


04 Nov: She Rocks! Major Shawna Kimbrell – First Black Female US Air Force Fighter Pilot

Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell is a major in the United States Air Force, and the first female African-American fighter pilot in the Air Force history. She was born in Lafayette, Indiana on April 20, 1976, to Guyanese parents, Dr Norman Ng A Qui, and Eve Blackman Ng A Qui after they migrated to the US.  Their hard work and dedication paid off in her father earning a degree from Howard University and a doctorate from Purdue University. That focus on…


31 Oct: She Rocks! Dr. Samantha Tross: First Black Female Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the UK

Only 6% of all surgeons in the United Kingdom are female, and Dr. Samantha Tross is one of them. She’s the first Black British woman to become a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon. Samantha was born in Georgetown Guyana on June 30, 1968 to Sammy and Gwendolin Tross. The second of their four children, she went to St. Gabriel’s Primary School before her diplomat father was assigned to England and the family relocated. Samantha obtained a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree…


29 Oct: She Rocks! Grace Aneiza Ali – Founder | Editorial Director, Of Note Magazine

Grace Aneiza Ali is the founder and editor of, an online magazine that celebrates people of color in the arts. She was born in Guyana and moved to the United States when she was fourteen years old. Having grown up surrounded by a culture of illiteracy among women, she is committed to the work of educating girls in developing nations. Grace launched Of Note in 2009 as a platform to honor “artists whose work values compassion,…


18 Oct: Squashing the Competition – Nicolette Fernandes

Caribbean Squash Queen Nicolette Fernandes was born  in Toronto, Canada on June 19, 1983.  She moved back to Guyana with her parents at an early age began playing squash competitively at the age of 8.   Representing Guyana, she dominated the junior category both domestically and regionally before she became famous for her outstanding performance at various Caribbean Championships.  Nicolette made a significant leap when she was just 19-years-old and emerged as Champion at her first Pan American Games. Nicolette has…


16 Oct: She Rocks! Meet Deborah Cox – Grammy Award-Nominated & Multi-Platinum R&B Singer/Songwriter

Many of you will agree that Deborah Cox is one of the music industry’s most notable voices.   A multi-platinum selling artist and self-proclaimed diva, Deborah was born on born July 13, 1974 in Toronto to Guyanese parents.   She began singing for TV commercials at age 12, and entered various talent shows with the help of her mother. She performed in nightclubs as a teenager, and began to write music around the same time. Deborah entered the music…

13 Oct: She Rocks! Shondell ‘Mystery Lady’ Alfred – 2011 Inspirational Boxer of the Year

Shondell ‘Mystery Lady’ Alfred is a professional boxer from Guyana. She is one of the first female boxers to represent Guyana internationally and in 2011 the “Mystery Lady” was awarded “Most Inspirational Boxer of the Year” by the Women’s Boxing Archive Network (WBAN).  Alfred’s knockout victory over Corrine Van Ryck DeGroot was largely responsible for her winning the award in front of a glamorous line up of boxers worldwide. Shondell grew up in Albouystown where she took to athletics and later karate while in…


06 Oct: Kicking it with Charmaine Hooper! Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame 2012 Inductee

Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame 2012 Inductee, Charmaine Hooper, was born on January 15, 1968, in Georgetown, Guyana. She was raised in Ottawa, Canada, and is a former striker for the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team. She began playing soccer as a child in Zambia, where her father was posted with the Guyana High Commission. Known as one of the world’s most lethal strikers throughout her career, Charmaine has been a fixture on the Canadian…

rhona fox

05 Oct: She Rock! Meet Rhona Fox, Actress/ Film Producer

She’s a Foxy Lady and she Rocks!  Rhona Fox,  is a dynamic Indian-American actress. Born in Essequibo, Guyana, Fox was raised in Nassau, Bahamas, where her parents who are teachers, moved to secure a better life for her and her two older brothers. After graduating high school at 16, she journeyed to New York on a summer vacation and the rest was destiny. Enrolling in college there, the Big Apple remains home and works today….