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GGR Book Club: Books by Kimberly A. Bailey

Chosen By One: You Are The Best illustrates how to build your inner confidence, fulfill your purpose and live a life full of peace and joy.

Chosen By One: You Are Best (Volume 1)

We live in a society that dictates every area of our lives. For instance, it tells us how to dress, how to obtain money, where to live, who to date and what is considered beautiful. The list is endless. Although these trends are always changing, society"s goal is to conform and control our way of...

Simone Harley: Secret Afflictions tells the story of a young successful attorney, Simone Harley, who appears to have a distinguishable and enviable life. However, many are not aware of her secret struggles with her tumultuous past and hidden afflictions.

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IMG_20141231_130503ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kimberly A. Bailey was born in Brooklyn, NY to Nigerian and Guyanese parents. As a teenager, she began writing short stories and poetry and soon developed an increasing interest in writing. Following graduation, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Administration from the University of West Florida and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Clark Atlanta University. To contact Kimberly visit www.chosenbyonemedia.com.

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