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Caption this image of a beautiful Guyana Doll!

Guyana Pride

What does this beautiful image of a Guyana Doll represent for you?  How would you describe her in two words? Start with  I am ___________________.



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I’m sorry but that is a traditional Indian womens saree. Guyana people originate from South America, please don’t mix both cultures up.

Cloyette Harris-Stoute

This is a traditional Indian saree also worn by Guyanese Indian women. Indo-Guyanese are nationals of Guyana with Indian or other South Asian ancestry, so please do your research before making such uninformed statement. Thanks you for visiting.

In that case please accept my apology I never knew about indo-guyanese, I’m going to do some research for this for the futue.

Cloyette Harris-Stoute

Apology accepted. Indo-Indians (or East Indians) is actually the largest ethnic group in Guyana. Here is some additional information:

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