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Jackie (Jaxx) Hanover: Reggae/Dancehall Singer & Songwriter

Dancehall Singer, Jackie Hanover
Dancehall Singer, Jackie Hanover

Singing Sensation & Dancehall Artist Jackie (Jaxx)  Hanover has been heating up the airwaves in the Guyanese Music industry. Jackie, who is also a talented songwriter, reigns from Bagotville, West Bank Demerara and now lives in Georgetown.  In a 2012 interview with, Jackie shared the following about her life and music career.  Check out her story…

Entertainment Macco: You recently released the song “Ladies Anthem” Why did you choose to sing this song with the said lyrical content?
Jackie Hanover: ”For too many years I’ve watched women basically ‘sell’ their freedom and rights in exchange for security from a man. Though many people might think it’s a men-bashing song, it’s actually not. “Ladies Anthem” is a song which speaks about empowerment.”

Entertainment Macco: Did you write Ladies Anthem?
Jackie Hanover:  “Yes, I wrote all the lyrics for “Ladies Anthem” with the exception of the hook ‘Me na beg no man fi nothin’, which was added by my fellow Dancehall Artiste, Jory.”

Entertainment Macco: What inspired you to pen it?
Jackie Hanover: “These women think that having a rich man take care of them is the greatest thing they can achieve. Instead, they end up as slaves in their own homes. They’re controlled by the same people who were supposed to serve as their ‘meal ticket’. These men dictate where they go, what they wear, who they keep as friends and many other things that I find to be very ridiculous.

Entertainment Macco: Preach on sister!
Jackie Hanover:  ”My song encourages women to be independent. Quit relying on men for security and stability. That’s the reason so many women cannot escape abusive relationships. Qualify yourself, look for a job, and build your own life. It may be hard at first, but there’s nothing more rewarding than having your own money. No one can take away that feeling of accomplishment from you. I live by this philosophy and I’ve been doing just fine. I just want to spread the word to my fellow women, young or old.”

Entertainment Macco: So, is the whole album about women empowerment?
Jackie Hanover: “No, the album touches various topics love, having fun, enjoying life and my love of music and many other topics.”

Entertainment Macco: Your first song off of your first extended play album. That is quite an achievement, Congrats. So what were your thoughts while you were working on completing this venture?
Jackie Hanover: “While completing the album my thoughts were to simply put “myself” into each song. I wanted the entire thing to reflect my thoughts and ideologies.”

Entertainment Macco: What is the name of your extended play album? What can we expect as far as genres and themes?

Jackie Hanover: “My extended play album’s name is “Jax”.  “Jax” is my nickname as I said earlier. I wrote all the lyrics for every song and I want to reflect who I am in this album. Since people who know me well, call me “Jax”, I decided to use the name for the album, because it’s really who I am and what I love. The songs are Reggae and Dancehall. The Dancehall songs are up-beat, fun, controversial and exciting, while the Reggae songs are emotional, intimate and personal.”

Entertainment Macco: Who was responsible for the production and other aspects of your Extended Play?
Jackie Hanover: “My producer, Keys (Dellon Gilbert) produced, mix and mastered all the tracks. He’s my age, but possesses a wealth of knowledge about music. I loved working with him because he treated my project as if it was his. He dedicated lots of time and effort to making the songs the best he could achieve.”

Entertainment Macco:   I noticed earlier, you mentioned your full-time job, as a Public Relations Officer. What’s one skill that being a PRO helps your music/singing career?

Jackie Hanover
Jackie Hanover

Jackie Hanover: “My day-job and my singing career interconnect. As a PRO, I write a lot. I do lots of creative writing. My love for writing developed from my love of composing poems and music came along too. So, I am able to write my songs, just like I write at work. I think a lot and creative concepts. I do the same with my music.”

Entertainment Macco: How are you able to balance both, being that you are a fairly new artiste on the scene?

Jackie Hanover: “Well, it’s really hard being an artiste and having a 9-5 job. My employers are really flexible, so sometimes I get time off to do singing gigs. I think that is not that difficult because of my workplace. They understand my dreams and believe in me. It will be hard balancing when I start UG (University of Guyana) again next year. That’s another story.”

Entertainment Macco: What is it about singing made you choose it? How long have you been using this gift?

Jackie Hanover: “I have always loved music as much as I love breathing. Since I was small, I promised to pursue a career in music…even if it didn’t work out, at least I’d try.I debuted on the local music scene in 2010, when I participated in the Carib Soca Monarch competition, but gained popularity after appearing in the GT&T Guyana Star Jingle 2011.”

Entertainment Macco: After completing ‘Jax’ your first album. What are two goals you developed for yourself, due to this accomplishment?
Jackie Hanover: “My ‘Get Fit’ journey has begun.”

Entertainment Macco: Is reggae/dancehall your preferred genre or do you sing others?
Jackie Hanover: “Yea I prefer Dancehall/Reggae…Call me old fashion, but it’s my culture and I love it.”

Entertainment Macco: What is your favourite tune on the album?
Jackie Hanover: “My favorite song is another Dancehall called ‘Holiday’. It’s an upbeat, catchy song which basically urges persons to enjoy the August Holiday season and make the most of every moment.”

Entertainment Macco: *Smilin* so happy that you said August Holiday instead of Summer…
Jackie Hanover: “LOL. I’m logical.”

Entertainment Macco: Do you have any fears/concerns as you begin your elevation in the music industry?
Jackie Hanover: “☺! Well, yea! It took me about a week before I released my first song because I was scared that people would not like it and simply reject all my hard work, but I decided that I invested too much money, time and energy to be afraid.”

Entertainment Macco: Let’s talk the music industry….What is the Guyanese music industry?
Jackie Hanover: “Any Guyanese musician will tell you that it’s hard to make music here. There are financial constraints, lack of qualified musicians and overall a depressing cloud hovers over the music industry. I pushed against all odds and am working really hard to make a name for myself in the Caribbean and eventually the wider world. I’m not even sure what will happen but it’s worth a try. I have nothing to lose.”
Entertainment Macco:  Smilin, that’s all u have to do push against the odds.

Entertainment Macco:  Why should I support Guyanese Artiste Music?
Jackie Hanover: “Well I believe that people should support whatever pleases them. Many Guyanese musicians are always saying that people here don’t support our music, but I think if we put out quality stuff, up-to-par, with current trends then we would have no issue impressing the public. However, as a musician you can’t simply put out ANYTHING and then be mad at people for not liking it. We need to stop blaming Guyanese for not supporting our music and ask ourselves ‘what is about the music that doesn’t seem attractive?’ So, you or no one else SHOULD not have to support ANYTHING you don’t like. But, I still urge you to stop and listen what we put out because you just might like it.”

Entertainment Macco:  You have released your first album and also you have written all the songs on it. How does having no modern copyright laws in Guyana affect you?
Jackie Hanover: “Well at the moment I can do nothing about the lack of copyright laws. I’ve done some basic things to protect myself to some extent in the event that I ever face any copyright issues. It’s something that we need in Guyana, but artistes are always making it sound as if copyright laws will DRAMATICALLY improve the industry.”

Entertainment Macco: How do you intend to deal with this issue? What will you do to help change this thorn?
Jackie Hanover: “Even if we copyright, how many people in Guyana buy original CDs? Let’s be real. Things are ok the way they are. I don’t mind having the copyright laws put in place, but it’s not something that I make a huge issue about. Musicians just need to be responsible with their song-writing and melody arrangements. Strive to be original.”

Entertainment Macco: Interesting!
Jackie Hanover: “Just being honest.”

Entertainment Macco: Nods head…so it is ok for me to take your original music, burn it and make more money off of it than you will?
Jackie Hanover: “As I said, there’s nothing I can do about that at the moment. When you enter the local music industry that’s something you have to take into consideration. Even the big international stars have to accept that they can’t stamp out that completely.  A new system has been introduced. Since its obvious we can’t make money off that, we look towards ‘bookings’ to make our money. So, in a way the distribution is helping to spread our music.”

Entertainment Macco: Do you have any other talents that we are unaware of?
Jackie Hanover: “Well I won a few poetry competitions. So I guess you can say I’m a poet. I’m fairly good at drawing and other forms of visual arts. I am also an accomplished athlete. I excelled in track and Badminton during my school years.”

Entertainment Macco: We would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to interview with us. We wish you success with your Extended Play “Jax” album, as the first Guyanese Dancehall artiste and in all your future endeavours on and off the stage.

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