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She Rocks! Hon. Pam Jackman-Brown, Justice of Queens County Supreme Court

Justice Pam B. Jackman Brown has an accomplished and quite decorated history. Born in Springlands, Berbice to Charles and Olga Jackman, she is the second child in a family of six children. A young Justice Brown went to Smith’s Church Congregational School and Tutorial High School in Georgetown before returning to Berbice to finish her education. She attended Skeldon Lutheran School and Scardia High School in New Amsterdam. In 1973, she immigrated to the U.S. from Guyana.

Judge Pam B Jackson Brown
Judge Pam B Jackson Brown

Justice Brown has over 25 years of legal practice and 15 years on the Bench Experience in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Housing Law, Matrimonial Law.  She began her legal education at the Borough of Manhattan community college (BMCC) where she earned an associate’s degree in 1979 before entering John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In 1983 she received a Bachelor of Science Degree (magna cum laude) and is a member of CUNY Law School’s first graduating class of 1986 and was the first graduate to become a judge.

As a students, Justice Brown worked. “I took evening classes and worked at Burger King during the day,” she said, citing math classes as another course she enjoyed. After her stint at Burger King, she worked as a secretary. One of her colleagues surprised her by handing her a legal dictionary and advising her to attend law school, suggesting she’d make a good lawyer. Justice Brown was surprised—she had toyed with the idea of pursuing a medical career and law never really crossed her mind. She enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and “had internships where I wrote a bunch of essays about correctional institutions,” she recalled.

Justice Pam Jackman- Brown
Justice Pam Jackman- Brown

During her Law School years, Justice Brown interned at various law firms, public relations and government agencies, to see where she’d fit in as a lawyer. She also published several judicial decisions and was also an Adjunct Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College where she taught Business Law courses for almost ten years.

Judge Pam Jackman- Brown being sworn in by Judge Fern Fisher
Judge Pam Jackman- Brown being sworn in by Judge Fern Fisher

Justice Brown was appointed in 1998 to the Civil Court of the New York Housing Court where she served until 2009. She has worked as a Criminal Defense Attorney, a Law clerk, and as a Supervising Judge for the New York City Housing Court.  She was admitted to practice in New York State, United States Supreme Court and Eastern and Southern District Courts of New York.  In 2010 she was appointed to sit as an Acting Supreme Court Justice in Queens County.

In November 2011, Judge Brown was elected  to the position of Justice of the Queens County Supreme Court. She was inducted in January 2012.


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1st time I appear in front of her. She is a rarity in the judicial system. She listen to both sides of the case and truly understands the dynamic of a broken family and the litigants who appear before her. She makes fair determinations and understands the law very well. I am not just saying this because I believe I got a good result for my client. I have been in court all morning and watching many proceedings there and she demonstrated her willingness to listen and applies the law fairly.

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