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Meet Marine Captain Sherry Ann Wilson: Pioneering in a Male-Dominated Field

Captain Sherry Ann Wilson stands proudly, pioneering in a male-dominated field as one of the first female graduating Marine Captains in Guyana, among an esteemed few in the Caribbean. She has earned this title when she graduated in 2017 as second-best graduating female in her batch.

Sherry-Ann Wilson, Marine Captain attached to the Guyana Maritime Administration.

Captain Wilson, with her undaunting, adventurous spirit, began her journey at the Maritime Administration Department as a Marine Cadet, in May 2012 in pursuit of becoming a Marine Pilot. After five years of vigorous training onboard ships and equally challenging theoretical studies in classrooms, she successfully attained all three levels of the Boat Masters (Grade 3, Grade 2, and Grade 1). Additionally, participating in several marine training programs locally and overseas she was awarded the US Coast Guard International Ship and Port Facilities Code (ISPS) for outstanding performance in 2013.

The sixth of seven siblings growing up on the West Coast, Berbice with extremely strict parents; who frowned upon failure and immoral behavior. Her early education begun at Belladrum Primary where she consistently received awards for academic excellence and Mahaicony Secondary Schools. But soon migrated to Georgetown where she attended Christ Church Secondary School, graduating in 2004.

Pursuing her ambitions and dreams, she continues to make significant strides in her career and was awarded by the Maritime Administration for gaining 100% during the first phase of the Port State Control Diploma programme in 2018. She’s currently pursuing Marine studies in Marine Surveying from London-Middlesex University.

But how did the illustrious Marine Captain’s journey begin? Upon leaving the school she worked as a lens specialist, at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, then as a phlebotomist at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, then a math and science teacher at a community college. During that time, she saw an advertisement in the newspaper calling for persons to be trained as pilots. A year later, when she was called Sherry Ann jumped at the chance to fulfill her lifelong dream of working as a pilot, only after seeing several photographs of boats and other marine crafts, then realizing that it was in the Maritime discipline. Her adventurous spirit saw her accepting the challenge and the rest is history.

When she’s not engaged in Marine duties on ships, Captain Wilson enjoys raising her nine-year-old daughter Fia Kertzious, watching animals’ documentaries and world bizarre things, petting her monkey “Morgan”, watching her pet piranhas swimming and caring for her plants, she’s currently focused on her career, after which time Captain Wilson may consider marriage.

Captain Sherry Ann Wilson who once dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, offers her primary school motto, which she lives by to any young woman wanting to enter the field of Marine Sciences, “ANYTHING WORTH ACHIEVING IS WORTH WORKING FOR”.

Originally written by Namela Schultz

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Thank you Miss Harris-Stoute for this beautiful piece on my younger sister. She has always been a very curious child and it is a wonderful thing to see her follow through on that curiosity and shine as brightly as she is now. For those of us who know her most personally, I can attest to the upbringing we all had. It was by no means a cake walk. Our parents hard work has indeed paid off in amazing ways. That said, it is without a doubt Sherryann’s own sense of wonder, her enterprising spirit and don’t quit attitude that is propelling her on. It should go without saying that we are a close knit family. We love and support each other through thick and thin. Sherryann has and will always have that support from us. My hope is that the wider Guyanese society also supports her, women and girls like her just the same. Thank you for shining some light on her today.
Rhonda Wilson-Owens

Any chance that either of you have relatives in Canada

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