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She Rock! Guyanese Journalist, Sherry Dixon, admitted to Black 100+ Hall Of Fame

sherry ann dixon
Sherry Ann Dixon

Founder & CEO of the award-winning global organization, Women on the Crossroads, Sherry Ann Dixons, was recently admitted to The Black 100+ Hall of Fame. The Black 100+ Project is an Exhibition of the top 100 Black Achievers in Modern Britain.

Guyanese by birth, Sherry is highly respected in the ethnic community in Britain and developed a following of dedicated readers with her health, lifestyle, beauty and relationship articles  She is very passionate about raising the platform for women of color in the UK, and providing avenues for creating diversity within the media field.  She started the motivational website ( so that women from around the world could communicate with each other on issues, which they feel they are not able to connect or communicate with others, whether it is family or friends.  With her wide span of knowledge of health, beauty, motivation and empowerment, Sherry has become a sought after inspirational speaker/lecturer sharing her life skills and vast knowledge to empower individuals worldwide.

A journalist, radio presenter, university lecturer and a member of the National Black Women’s Network (NBWN), Sherry will be featured in a historic photographic record of black achievement, designed to inspire young people to excel and create a legacy for future generations, by highlighting her success and her valuable contributions to society.

Sherry joins some of the top UK black celebrities who are already featured in The Black 100+ Exhibition.  Most those featured in this Exhibition have gone on to receive an OBE or MBE from the Queen of England. Sherry will be documented as an inspirational figure in the field of Media in the Legacy Book; an artifact that will become a historical record preserving Black history in the UK. The legacy Book will be secured within a library and legacy building, to create a permanent record for future generations.

For more details about Sherry’s life and accomplishment check the About section on her website :



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