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She Rocks Her Guyanese Heritage – Meet NYPD’s First Deputy Commissioner Tania Kinsella


Tania “Mohabeer” Kinsella is a leading female force and inspiration in the heart of diverse New York City. The First Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD—the world’s largest police department—she exemplifies top-notch law enforcement and proudly reflects her rich Guyanese heritage. Her mother, Linnet Mohabeer, a proud New Amsterdam Berbice native from Guyana, and her Jamaican father instilled in her the values of determination, respect, and community. These values, deeply rooted in her upbringing, have propelled her to the heights of a distinguished career in law enforcement.

Commissioner Kinsella stands alongside NYC Mayor Eric Adams during Guyana’s 58th Independence Flag Raising Ceremony.

Commissioner Kinsella’s career with the NYPD began in 2003 as a police officer patrolling the streets of the 120th Precinct on Staten Island. Her commitment to service and community safety quickly set her apart within the department. By 2008, she had earned a promotion to sergeant and assumed new responsibilities at the 68th Precinct in Brooklyn. Her exceptional leadership skills were recognized; by 2013, she had ascended to lieutenant, serving the 13th Precinct in Manhattan. Her ascent did not stop there. 

Commissioner Kinsella with her Guyanese mother, Linnet Mohabeer. PHOTO CREDIT: Commissioner Kinsella’s IG Page

In 2016, Commissioner Kinsella was promoted to captain and became the executive officer of the 120th Precinct. Her profound impact on community relations and her innovative approach to policing led to her appointment as the commanding officer of Housing Police Service Area 1 in 2018. By 2019, she had risen to deputy inspector. In 2020, Commissioner Kinsella took command of the 120th Precinct again as an inspector. Her leadership was instrumental in overseeing the deployment of the Patrol Services Bureau’s approximately 13,000 members. She diligently monitored crime statistics and trends, particularly focusing on domestic violence crimes.

Her educational background, with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and a Master of Arts in Police Leadership and Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has been crucial in her rise through the ranks. Beyond her professional achievements, Commissioner Kinsella is an active member of the NYPD Running Club, embodying both physical and mental fitness.

Commissioner Kinsella met with President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali during a trip to Guyana in May 2024. PHOTO CREDIT: Commissioner Kinsella’s Instagram Page

Commissioner Kinsella’s appointment as First Deputy Commissioner in July 2023 was a historic moment for her and the NYPD. It signifies her unwavering dedication, hard work, and the rich cultural heritage that guides her. This milestone is a source of pride and celebration, marking a new era of diversity and leadership within the department.

On her Instagram page, the commissioner shared details of a trip to Guyana earlier this month. She had the honor of meeting with President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali there. She also met top brass in the Guyana Police Force and discussed our training collaboration program with the NYPD.

Commissioner Kinsella with female members of the Guyana Police Force. PHOTO CREDIT: Commissioner Kinsella’s Instagram Page

Today, the commissioner joined NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Guyana’s Ambassador to the US, Michael E. Brotherson, and esteemed guests in raising the Guyana flag at Bowling Green Square in New York City. The event marked the nation’s 58th independence anniversary.

Commissioner Kinsella’s success symbolizes what it means to serve and protect with integrity. Her story is a remarkable reminder of the strength and potential that flows from the diverse roots of New York City’s residents. As she continues to lead with distinction, she paves the way for future leaders and proudly represents her Guyanese roots in every stride.


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