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She Rocks! English Teacher, Shamayne Cumberbatch, wants all students to have the opportunity to receive an excellent education.

English Teach, Shamayne Cumberbatch

English Teacher, Shamayne Cumberbatch, was born in Guyana, South America and later moved to Irving, NJ. She first attended the local public school before enrolling at Kent Place for middle and high school. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and her master’s degree from Harvard in Education Policy and Management.

Before working at the Pingry School, Ms. Cumberbatch participated in the Teach for America program, teaching eighth grade English classes at a charter school in Newark, NJ, under the KIPP organization. KIPP’s mission is to provide students from less fortunate communities with the opportunity for an education that will teach them the necessary skills for the future.

English Teach, Shamayne Cumberbatch
English Teach, Shamayne Cumberbatch

Ms. Cumberbatch was first drawn to teaching because of her interest in “issues in the achievement gap,” hoping to ensure that “all students have the opportunity to receive an excellent education.” She has always loved reading and writing, which has paved the way for her career as an English teacher.

Her favorite part of teaching at Pingry has been working with students whom she believes have an “internal drive” that is unique to the school. She notes that the students here are always engaged during class and self-driven to succeed academically, something that, in the past, she has had to “structure for students.”

Following her Summer 2015 wedding, and after a year of teaching sixth grade English at Pingry,  Ms. Cumberbatch moved to the St. Paul, Minnesota to continue her work as a teacher at a Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) school while conducting research for the Blake School.

In reflecting on her teaching experience at Pingry, Ms. Cumberbatch said, “English is so much about what we think, what we feel, and our ideas, it is really a great way to get to know the students.” She considers herself lucky to have seen her students “mature and grow as readers and writers.”

In addition to teaching English, Ms. Cumberbatch was the Assistant Coach of the Middle School field hockey team and a faculty member of the multi-cultural team. She particularly enjoyed working on issues regarding diversity and professional development.

Ms. Cumberbatch also enjoyed working with her colleagues in the Middle School to create the course work for the year. She has been grateful to receive their advice and support, and noted that they have pushed her to become an even better teacher.

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Source: The Pingry Record

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