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She Rocks! Celebrating The Inspiring & Resilient Journey of Saskia Christian

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Saskia Christian is an accomplished Trauma Healing and Global Resilience Expert born in Georgetown, Guyana, and resided in Antigua and Barbuda in her early adulthood. She completed her undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering at The University of The West Indies in Trinidad. With over 17 years of corporate visionary engineering leadership experience in the high-tech sector, Saskia has a track record of success and a passion for empowering others. Little did she know that her journey would lead her to become a renowned Training Executive, Trauma Healing, and Resilient Leadership Coaching Consultant, Speaker, and Founder of BoostThru.

Saskia aims to help professionals with mental wellness and leadership development strategies. She believes that everyone has the potential to tap into their resilience and become the best version of themselves. With this vision, Saskia founded BoostThru, a multi-platform life transformation coaching service.

But Saskia’s impact didn’t stop there. She was a leader in the corporate world and a prolific author. Her book, “Mindset Mastery,” is a testament to her expertise in unlocking the power of the mind. She also authored two (2) e-courses on Seasonal Journeying of Resilience. Saskia co-authored five anthologies, including an International Bestseller in the Library of Congress. The books she co-authored are  “On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading,” “You Are Enough,” “The Art of Connection: 365 Days of Gratitude by Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Business Owners, The  Global Resilience Project second book, Resilience A.F.: Stories of Resilience and “Empowered Women in Wellness Courage to Shine.”

Saskia shared her story about her dad’s disappearance in the book “Resilient A.F.: Stories of Resilience”  which was featured at The 2024 Oscar’s Celebrity Gift Lounge and will also be showcased in September at The 2024 Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge.  The Art of Connection book made her an International Best-Selling Author with inclusion in The Library of Congress. 

As Saskia’s influence grew, so did her recognition within the industry. Notably, she was named Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, a distinguished platform that showcased her expertise. Her first Brainz article was released in May 2024. She has also authored over 30 editions of the LinkedIn Newsletter” Tap into Your Resilience Power, “a resource in high demand by professionals with over 400 subscribers in less than a year. Her literary work, filled with insights and practical advice, continues to captivate readers and spark a desire for personal growth.  Her words resonate with readers worldwide, inspiring them to embrace their purpose and live authentically.

Saskia’s passion for empowering others extends beyond her writing. She took the stage as a speaker at the esteemed “Leadership Experience Tour” hosted by Shawn Fair. Her presence illuminated the room as she shared her wisdom on Energy Control for Resilience Boost with business professionals, encouraging them to maximize their influence and reclaim their power.

Throughout her career, Saskia’s coaching has brought healing, encouragement, and inspiration to countless individuals. She became a beacon of hope for underestimated, overlooked, and misunderstood professionals. Her dedication to helping others overcome adversities led her to found BoostThru, where she guided individuals in tapping into their resilience power.

Beyond her coaching and speaking engagements, Saskia is actively engaged in her community. She serves on committees in the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, education, and workforce development. Saskia’s commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs led her to join the GSFE (Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs), which supports and empowers women in business.

Saskia’s impactful work did not go unnoticed. In 2024, Marquis Who’s Who recognized her as a Top Engineer, honoring her dedication to empowering others. Her profound impact on individuals seeking resilience, personal growth, and empowerment was acknowledged on a prestigious platform.

Saskia has appeared in magazines, T.V. shows, and podcasts as a sought-after expert in resilience mastery. Her personal journey of resilience and exceptional mental wellness resonated deeply with the business community. Her brand was featured in notable publications and media outlets, including Sister Leaders Magazine, Be Well Magazine, and top news networks like FOX, CBS, and NBC.

Saskia’s journey reached an international level when she appeared on Deb Drummond’s T.V. show, “Mission Accepted.” The show, broadcast on Apple and Amazon T.V. and Australian networks, showcased her story of triumph and resilience. She also shared her insights as a speaker on Deborah Drummond’s 262 Mission Project series, inspiring aspiring female executive leaders worldwide.

Currently, Saskia is interviewing female C-suite executive leaders for her “Breaking Barriers” Interview Series. Through this series, she aims to capture their leadership insights and aspirations, focusing on resilience cultivation, emotional intelligence mastery, authentic and servant-style leadership, and influential power maximization. The series serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for aspiring female executive leaders in the pipeline.

When Saskia isn’t busy changing lives, she enjoys spending time with her amazing husband and son in Arizona. You can connect with her on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and via her website,, where she continues to share her knowledge and inspire others.

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