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My Guyanese Mom Rocks! “Odetta Abiola Young”

By daughter, Omaiah Hall

I love my mom – she is the coolest, the prettiest, the most amazing woman in the world . Even though I act rudely a lot to my mom, she still loves me and that’s all a mom’s baby girl could ask for. So on this beautiful Mothers’ Day I am surely going to make her feel happy and no one can tell me that I cannot do it .

My mom again is awesome, cool, fantastic, energetic, beautiful, rocker, and my queen forever . I love my mom for she is kind and she has a one of a kind smile. She is sweeter than sweet. She makes me feel really awesome. No matter what’s in her way she finds another path to get there. She is just amazing and I love her. I believe my mom is the best mom on planet earth.

My Guyanese Mom Rocks! Contestant

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