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She Rocks! Victoria “VickyVybez” Gunraj: T-Shirt Designer/Fashion Entrepreneur at DeportedTEES

Entrepreneur, Victoria "VickyVybez" Gunraj
Designer/Fashion Entrepreneur, Victoria “VickyVybez” Gunraj

Victoria Marianna Gunraj is the owner of  Miami-based Caribbean clothing line and T-shirt Company “DeportedTEES.”  Born in Miami, Florida on December 17th, 1989, Victoria’s parents hail from the villages of Wales and Vreed-en-Hoop in West Demerara, Guyana.

A graduate of the University of Florida, this 24- year-old business woman earned a B.S. Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Victoria’s passion for fashion and design led her to start her own fashion company in 2011 from her college apartment in Florida.

DeportedTEES was inspired by Victoria’s love for the rich Caribbean culture and lifestyle; music, dance, language, and overall rhythms of the islands. Over the years, DeportedTEES has evolved from producing a single custom t-shirt to offering a full recognizable signature line. Customers have the choice of shopping two collections: Caribbean and Urban, and also have the option of creating their own custom designs online.

Since the launch of DeportedTEES, Victoria has been recognized as one of the top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25 in the Caribbean Community. She was also featured on the Travel Channel during a Carnival Episode, as well as in many local community and West Indian newspapers and magazines.

Victoria prides herself on providing the latest and hottest Caribbean inspired wear via the DeportedTEES online store. She actively works to improve the quality and designs offered by her company and center the business on great and personal customer service. Victoria’s goal is to bring more strength and awareness to the Caribbean culture through fashion, as well as to evolve that image into the modern age.

Victoria is currently working on a social media awareness campaign called #guyanaisbeautiful to show pride for Guyanese women. To learn more about Victoria and DeportedTees, follow her on Instagram and Twitter  @deportedtees and @vickyvybez, or at

A DeportedTees Design
A DeportedTees Design


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