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She Rocks! Groomer Luanna Pierre Will Transform Your Pet From Rags to Riches

Luana Pierre is the owner of Pawsome Pets Guyana, a new pet grooming business located in Georgetown. Pawsome Pets Guyana is the only professional pet grooming service in the country. Mrs. Pierre has more than 25 years of experience in animal health and 10 years of pet grooming experience.

Luana has been one of my best friends for more than thirty-five years. She was the friend who made me laugh with her dry humor, but she was also honest and always showed grit and support when I needed her advice. I remember that Luana was always surrounded by pets while growing up with her parents and two brothers in Georgetown. That led to her interest in a career in animal health at the Ministry of Agriculture in Guyana working initially as a livestock assistant at the government livestock farm. She then went on to work at REAHA as an Animal Health Assistant and she continued to work with Veterinarians at the Ministry of Agriculture. Luana made her first foray into entrepreneurship when she started a chicken farm with more than 9000 birds!

When Luana’s husband, Mark Pierre, started a Veterinary practice in 2008, she saw the need for grooming as an additional service for local owners and their pets. Luana attended the University of Guyana and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture while continuing to provide the local community with pet grooming services on a part-time basis. Seeing a unique business opportunity, she started Guyana’s first grooming parlor, Pawsome Pets Guyana, in 2016. Luana sees her work as a wonderful daily adventure. “I especially get excited when I have to transform a client from what I call “rags to riches” – when a client comes in with matted, greasy hair and they leave looking like a whole new pet,” she says.

“It’s never been about the money for me. I enjoy having full days transforming every animal possible. As the days are almost over, I still feel energized.”

In September 2016, she travelled to the International Pet Grooming Exposition in Pennsylvania with financial support from the Small Business Bureau. There she received additional technical training and expertise as well as international exposure. When she opened the professional grooming business at the Giftland Mall the response to her service was enthusiastic and immediate success. Dogs and sometimes cats from all over Georgetown and other areas have been visiting the salon for grooming and more since it opened. In addition to pet grooming the salon offers other much needed services such as microchipping, deworming and vaccines and retail products. She also makes which party cakes for dogs available to order. They provide livestock consultations to local farmers and business entrepreneurs. Luana and her husband, Mark Pierre, are parents to three children who love animals just as much as they do. The children are actively involved in various aspects of the business from social media to helping to manage the retail store within the salon. This is truly a family effort by a family who loves animals, especially dogs.

This Guyanese Girl truly rocks!

For more information about Luana Pierre and Pawsome Pets visit:
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Instagram – @pawsomepetsguyana

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Yes she truly rocks as both Luanna and her husband, Mark cared for my dogs for years. Years ago, they “housed” my pets for me when I travelled. Great going Luanna.

That’s awesome Gail. Thank you for sharing!

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