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My Guyanese Mom Rocks! – Angela McPherson

Submitted by daughter, Florence James

My mom is an ambitious, strong black woman and a one of a kind person. She taught me how to respect myself and how to detect right from wrong without her around. She showed me that a woman can be a woman without a man in her life. She provided for me and my other 5 siblings and she did a great job at it because today two of my sisters are studying to become doctors in Canada and the other two girls are still in college.  I am in Guyana as a Cook and my only brother a Mason. My mom is a cook and a miracle worker with her hands. Every and anything she touches blossom and the advice she gives to myself and people around are mind-blowing. It’s as if she had being through so much that she can relate to any situation whether good or bad in life. I love my mom and she has been there for me.  It’s like every time I feel bad or upset about anything in life I can call her and speak to her and it’s guarantee that I will feel better.

Florence Mom
Florence Mom

Now my mom is married after years of looking for Mr. Right and my step dad finds her so remarkable that he misses her 20 mins after she leave for work, which I find very nice. Sometimes I think my mom has a special gift of healing, so all in all I can say my mom rocks because of her healing spirit and her kind words of encouragement that she often spread to ears of mostly young people because of things she has experienced .

Like every other human my mom is not perfect but she is a survivor of many  things and she is hard working and independent and yes sometimes she cries and get scared but you only know that if she tells you. I remember my mom taking her last to buy food for us and she did it gracefully and for that I would do the same for my mom any day. I LOVE U MOM.

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