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She Rocks! Indranie Persaud, President and Co-Founder of AuroChemicals

Indranie Persaud, President of Aurochemicals
Indranie Persaud, President

Meet Indranie Persaud, President and Co-Founder of Aurochemicals, a multimillion dollar natural flavor and ingredients company located in Washingtonville, New York.

Indranie  was born in Guyana, the last child of six. Graduating from high school in 1981, she met her future husband, Deo Persaud, in 1987 and they married in 1988. Both migrated to the U.S. in 1991, seeking to fulfill their dream of a better life. In the following year, they had their first child, Babita. They would ultimately have two more girls, Darshini and Roshinie.

In 1994, Indranie and Deo started their chemical business, Aurochem which became ICDI Corp. (dba Aurochemicals) with Indranie at the head as President. Diligent and hard-working, Indranie assisted in invoicing, filling orders, preparing shipments, packing, etc as well as undertaking the responsibility of the kids. It was not an easy road which was plagued with many challenges and hurdles but persistence, hard work and sacrifice brought successful milestones. The company, which began with just $300, has grown into a $15 million (sales) company with 15 employees, manufacturing natural ingredients for the flavor and fragrance industry throughout the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

In addition, while the business was growing, the upbringing of their beautiful daughters became the focus of Indranie’s efforts as she provided support, love and care ensuring that the children’s welfare were in order whilst her husband literally toiled night and day in order to develop their dream business. She also helps manage several real estate companies – Baroda Realty LLC, Persaud Group LLC, Persaud Realty LLC, BDR Group LLC — out of the home office. Indranie and her husband also started the Persaud Family Foundation, supporting Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA, Bonei Olam, and numerous other charitable organizations. And they recently started supporting Bike for Chi, benefiting children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Indranie, whose grandparents originated from India and settled in Guyana in the 19th century, loves Indian culture, especially its movies, music and also cooking. She is dedicated, yet simple, very sociable, compassionate and welcoming. She and her husband want to become more involved in their charitable work as well as grow their business to even greater heights.

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