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Academic Spotlight on Honor Student Lisa Wilson


By the end of her senior year, Lisa Wilson will be a degree ahead of many of her peers.   The 17-year-old high school student is set to earn an Associates Degree in Biology with Honors in June 2016, prior to graduating high school.  Lisa is currently a  Smart Scholars at the Medgar Evers College Preparatory High School (MECPHS) which allows her to take Medgar Evers College courses during her high school years.Lisa.Wilson

Lisa was born in Brooklyn, New York to Guyanese parents, Lyle and Colette Wilson.  “My mother’s side of the family is from New Amsterdam and my father’s side is from Georgetown”, she shared.  Lisa is very proud of her Guyanese Heritage said although she was born in New York City, she visit Guyana every year.Lisa Sports

Following graduation, Lisa plans on going to college to study Veterinary Medicine. She has yet make a decision on which college, but her ultimate goal is to become a veterinary surgeon and open her own veterinary clinic.

Aside from academics, Lisa is currently employed by Sports and Arts in Schools foundation as a tutor for children ages 10-14.  She’s also a member of the Medgar Evers track team, regularly participating in jumping and middle distance competition on a weekly basis.  While no easy feat for a Lisa, she possesses the discipline and motivation to manage her full schedule of athletic, academic, community service, and work activities.

“Although I am fairly busy between high school, college, track, and work I successfully manage everything without much complaint.”

When asked what advise she would give to other young ladies, Lisa shared the following: ” I would advise young ladies such as myself to always carry yourself with the respect you demand others to give you. After work comes joy and play and growing up you should make a habit of putting your priorities first. Lastly, you should enjoy being young while it lasts, even though I am young myself, time does fly.”

Keep on rocking Lisa, there are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are focused on your dream.

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Oh Wow..small world Lydia. She’s awesome!

I know right!! Following in her Guyanese Girls Rock Aunty’s foot steeps

Awesome!!! Keep up the good work little cuz.

My second cousin! So pleased she’s doing well!

My second cousin! So pleased she’s doing well!

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