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She Rocks! Sasha L. Pilgrim – Author/Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur/Professional Photographer

Author Sasha L. Pilgrim
Author Sasha L. Pilgrim

Although I have not been back in years,  I am proud to be Guyanese says Sasha Pilgrim, author, motivational speaker and budding entrepreneur. Born in Linden in 1987, Sasha spent a few years of her childhood in Berbice before relocating to US.  She currently resides in New Jersey where she studied and obtained two (2) Bachelor degrees in General Sociology from Bloomfield College and BA in Business Administration & Management from Pillar College. 

A devoted Christian,  Sasha attends New Beginnings Christian Outreach Ministries, located in Paterson, New Jersey, under the leadership of Apostle Lilisa Mimms.  She serves as a adjutant, a member of Judah Performing Arts Ministries, Assistant Director on one of the many outreach projects of New Beginnings, a Sunday School Teacher, member of New Beginnings Media Ministry and currently in the New Beginnings Minister in Training program. She also serves as a  member of Greater Life Inc, an outreach organization for young people within the city of Newark New Jersey.

Sasha is a motivational speaker and offers mentoring services through her website,  She also finds time for her photography business,  and her online boutique at caught up this busy young entrepreneur to discuss her business and career, future goals and the upcoming release her new book “Understanding & Embracing Your Season of Singleness: Single, Saved & Young.”  Here’s her story.

GGR:  Tell us a little bit about your family history.

Sasha: My paternal grandparents came from Suriname. My Great Great grandfather, who is still alive, came from India. And my Maternal Grandfather is mixed with Portuguese. I love how diverse my family is, because it is a reflection of my homeland Guyana. “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”.

GGR: When did you start your career/business?

Sasha:  There’s so many different hats that I wear, but my heart and passion is to help people. I remember volunteering at the age of 19 at a center for youths in a city where violence was an everyday thing. My first case involved assessing the needs of a single mother after losing her children’s father to a homicide. My second case was talking to a group of young people about victims of violence. As time went on, the cases multiplied and I knew that I would one day want to establish a company that would help others. Not only will this company give back, but it will help others work boldly towards their life goals.

GGR:  What made you want to start your career/business?

Sasha: I wanted to be able to make a difference through giving back. Growing up in a single parent household was hard. I didn’t always get what I wanted. And I often felt as though I had to work just a little harder than anyone else. Nothing was every handed to me. I knew education would be key to be able to gain access to many of the things I would want to get involved in. As I mentioned before, my heart/passion is to help others. It took people that I crossed paths with that did not count me out, but poured into me. I grew to have mentors and advisors. This helped me to believe that I can be more than my circumstance and more than my resources. And because of this, it has helped me to believe that I can do what I thought I could not do. Hench, I stepped out on faith to write my first book and prepared to launch my own business.Single, Saved and Young

GGR: Why did you decide to write a book?

Sasha: “Understanding & Embracing Your Season of Singleness: Single, Saved & Young” is a book that was written at a time when I started to get serious about my Christian walk. It took a total of 2-3 years before it was completed. I wanted to share with others how important it is to have a strong relationship with God. What it means to really think about the direction of one’s life and tap into the greatness that has been placed within. Each one of us was created with a divine purpose and with a great destiny. We just have to be the one to realize that we are of importance. However, in order to do that we have to be in relationship with the one that create us. If not, we will continue to walk aimlessly searching for what makes us happy. The book is not one that forces a person to become saved, but it encourages it. It is a motivational and inspirational read for those that aspire to be more than just someone who is “ordinary”. This book is very much a part of me, as it is written from a pace of no longer being fearful of walking into who God has called me to be. In addition to that, it pushed me to learn how to live life on purpose.

GGR: What are your goals for the future?

Sasha: As Firm believer in Jesus Christ, I see my future in him. I will continue to pursue the things that will bring him glory. I will continue going after the things that will show people his love and allow others to know who he is. With God, all things are possible. He will give us the desires of our hearts. It could be a business, a change in career, change in life and so forth. Whatever it is, once we place it in his hands it is well. The future as of now is unknown, but I will boldly walk towards it. As I continue to walk the path that has been laid before me; Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur.
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”. – Jeremiah 29:11

GGR:  What’s your advice to those that want to write?

Sasha:  To those that aspire to be future writers, begin to write. Keep a journal with you write down the thoughts that comes to your mind throughout the day. Make an outline, if you can, of what it is you want to write on. Stick to the plan. Know that deadlines can be extended; just make sure that you set them. Remain focused and don’t get discouraged. There will be times where you will not feel like writing and you will want to give up. Just remember why you started and how far you’ve gotten. Make it your business to find time to be in your own space and write. Creativity flows at all hours, be open to great ideas. Have just a few people you trust (I had only two), that can read your work and give you feed back. This will help to get you to really think about the clarity of your work and how you can make improvements. Stay motivated and stay encouraged. And remember, you can do it.

Sasha Pilgrim: Single, Saved & Young
Sasha L Pilgrim: Author of Single, Saved & Young

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