Christine Neblett Chrisdan Enterprises

01 Feb: She Rock! Meet Christine Neblett: The Unstoppable Force Behind Chrisdan Enterprises

Christine Neblett’s journey from facing the hardships of single motherhood to becoming an influential entrepreneur is genuinely inspirational. Born and raised in Guyana,  the New York-based businesswoman has built a solid foundation with her degrees in Communication from the University of Guyana and Applied Management with a focus on Finance from Medgar Evers College. Christine has a  background in International Multi-level Marketing, which she began in 2004 with YTB Travel, followed by a significant stint…

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02 Aug: Celebrating the Flavors of Guyana: Meet Umana Yana Restaurant Owner, Dale Davidson

As we delve into the excitement of Restaurant Week in New York and Black Business Month,  we’re thrilled to spotlight the extraordinary talents of Dale Davidson, the Guyanese female entrepreneur behind the captivating Umana Yana Restaurant in Albany, New York. Umana Yana, derived from an Amerindian word meaning “a place for the people,” is much more than just a restaurant—it’s a celebration of culture, love, and community. Dale Davidson’s vision, shaped by her upbringing in…

Caterer, Nola Ro

10 Jun: She Rocks! Meet Entrepreneur, Nola Ro – Empowerment Speaker & CEO of Sumptuous Bites Catering

Nola Ro spent the first 10 years of her life in Guyana before migrating to the United States. Most of her family (maternal side) lived on the East Bank of the Demerara River, stretching from Timehri to Coverden.  The daughter of Restaurateur, Doris Rodney, Nola inevitably caught the cooking bug and developed a passion for the culinary arts herself.  In 2015, she founded Sumptuous Bites Catering, which specializes in the Caribbean/American cuisine all made from natural & organic ingredients….

Sabrina Panday

30 May: She Rocks! Meet Entrepreneur, Projects Specialist, Author: Sabrina Panday

Entrepreneur, projects specialist, author: Sabrina Panday is a ‘bold and fearless’ woman.  She has a contagious positive attitude, which she credits to being “bold and fearless and never underestimating oneself”. These attributes have propelled Sabrina in assiduously pursuing her “dreams”, which included being a cookbook author. This ‘dream’ became a reality when Sabrina finally launched her cookbook. Adding a delicious twist to traditional ground provisions meals, Sabrina’s “Provisions: Cooking Healthy with Nature’s Bounty” inaugural cookbook is…

17 Mar: She Rocks! Shaunna Marto: Professional Chef/Caterer/Food Entrepreuneur

Toronto-based Caterer Shaunna Marto never thought she could have a career doing what she loves.  Trained in culinary arts, Shaunna founded Party’s By Shaunna in 2006; a full service catering and party business. Born in Georgetown, Guyana to a middle class family, Shaunna started cooking at the of 11; much to the horror of her parents who were concerned that she would hurt herself at the stove. They soon realize she had a talent for…

07 Jan: She Rocks! Sasha L. Pilgrim – Author/Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur/Professional Photographer

Although I have not been back in years,  I am proud to be Guyanese says Sasha Pilgrim, author, motivational speaker and budding entrepreneur. Born in Linden in 1987, Sasha spent a few years of her childhood in Berbice before relocating to US.  She currently resides in New Jersey where she studied and obtained two (2) Bachelor degrees in General Sociology from Bloomfield College and BA in Business Administration & Management from Pillar College.  A devoted…