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She Rock! Meet Christine Neblett: The Unstoppable Force Behind Chrisdan Enterprises

Christine Neblett Chrisdan Enterprises

Christine Neblett’s journey from facing the hardships of single motherhood to becoming an influential entrepreneur is genuinely inspirational. Born and raised in Guyana,  the New York-based businesswoman has built a solid foundation with her degrees in Communication from the University of Guyana and Applied Management with a focus on Finance from Medgar Evers College.

Christine has a  background in International Multi-level Marketing, which she began in 2004 with YTB Travel, followed by a significant stint with Ardyss International in 2009.  Her hard work and dedication helped propel the company to new heights, establishing and expanding its markets in Guyana, Antigua, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Papua New Guinea.

2016 was pivotal for Christine as she ventured into entrepreneurship with her own commercial business in shipping and shopping, focusing on delivering top-notch services globally. Chrisdan Enterprises, LLC is a family-owned business in operation since 2010 that provides barrel and commercial bin shipping to the Caribbean and Central America by air freight and sea cargo. Christian also makes it easier for you to shop from U.S. retailers for items unavailable in our destination countries and ship them directly to your international destination.

Christine stands out not only for her entrepreneurial success but also for her commitment to leadership and personal development. Certified as a “Trainer/Presenter” for 22 years, she has been recognized for her influential roles, serving as Governor of the New York Jaycees in 2008 and as Senator for the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in 2012. These prestigious positions reflect her dedication and impact on a global scale.

Christine’s journey is deeply rooted in her faith and belief that serving humanity is the noblest of causes. Through her extensive research on social issues, particularly poverty, she has committed herself to a powerful mission: to do the impossible, no matter what.

Her mantra, “Anything in life can be achieved if you dream it, then hold on to that dream until you receive it,” is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Today, Christine is actively operating her Shipping business, while her passion for making a difference takes her worldwide. Through Chrisdan Enterprises LLC, she touches the lives of hundreds of thousands, offering a blend of hope, motivation, inspiration, and determination. Christine’s message is clear and empowering: “You can do the impossible, no matter what, by changing how you think and act.”

Contact Chrisdan Enterprises  via or Phone:  718-738-1490

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