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Olivia Singh is a Senior Entertainment Reporter at Insider in New York City. Her mother is from Wakenaam, Essequibo and her father is from Berbice. Both of her parents immigrated to America from Guyana in the 1980s.

Singh’s older sister and herself were primarily raised by their single mother in Queens, New York — where she resides.

Singh joined Insider as an Entertainment Fellow back in December 2017, shortly after graduating from college. Following her internship, she was hired as a full-time reporter in June 2018. At Insider, Singh has covered celebrities, movies, and TV shows.

Singh graduated from the City University of New York’s Hunter College with her Bachelor of Arts in Media with a concentration in Journalism in 2017. Prior to CUNY, she attended the Mary Louis Academy — which is a private Catholic all-female school. There, Singh was part of the National Honor Society (NHS) and she participated in various high clubs — including the Glee Club and the Sci-Fi Club.

During her time as an undergraduate student, Singh was a freelance journalist and held internships with publications like the now-defunct, Her Campus, Tiger Beat Magazine, and Us Weekly.

Singh says her curiosity about the entertainment industry and her passion for writing led her to pursue Journalism at Hunter.

“I was never gifted in the math and science fields, but writing always came naturally to me,” Olivia Singh said. “I’m grateful that my parents didn’t object when I decided to pursue journalism in college, which was born out of my genuine interest in entertainment and encyclopedic knowledge of celebrities (thanks to teen magazines), movies, and shows.”

She says with the increasing amount of South Asians gaining recognition through various media projects, she hopes the Guyanese community can feel represented by individuals like her in the journalism industry.

“I’ve been lucky to connect with other journalists in the industry with similar backgrounds as me, and it’s always reassuring to know that there are people who relate to my career experiences,” she said.

She can be found on X and on Instagram.

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