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Allison Butters-Grant, CEO of Global Seafood Distributors, shares her success story…

Meet Allison Butters-Grant, CEO of Global Seafood Distributors - GuyanaAllison Butters-Grant  is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Seafood Distributors, an importing/exporting business that she jointly operates with her husband, Kerwin.  The daughter of successful seafood entrepreneurs she opened her own Seafood Market in Guyana specializing in wild caught seafood sourced from Guyana with the mantra “straight from the sea to your plate.” Her business distributes  seafood locally in Guyana and to the international markets, including the Caribbean and the US.  In 2015, Guyana Chronicle reported that Allison was the only black female in Guyana to own and operate a fish-processing plant where “standard is the hallmark.”

Allison’s passion for entrepreneurship and community activism comes from her late parents Leslie & Alma Butters who had businesses in the trawling, gold mining and farming industries in Guyana and were great philanthropists.

In 1986 Allison moved to the US on a student visa, and went on to earn an advanced degree in Business Administration and Accounting. She was very involved in her Community and co-founded the Guyana American Heritage Foundation, Inc. a 501C3 organization base in New Jersey. After several years of working for corporate America, Allison made the decision return to Guyana and start her own business.  In a detailed interview with Kaieteur News, she talked about her journey to entrepreneurship and much more.   Click here to view Allison’s interview with

Patriotic entrepreneur, Allison Butters-Grant, is a ‘Special Person’

“We were always big on quality and not so much quantity. If your product is not up to a certain quality and following certain standards, the quantity wouldn’t matter because your market will not be sustainable.” There are many people who, once given the chance, would seek a better life outside of Guyana.

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