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They Rock! Guyanese Girls Graduate with Top Honours – Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Guyanese Girls with Top Honors

The three students are 19-year-old Kessia Garnett who graduated Valedictorian followed by 17-year-old Anika Lewis and 19-year-old Nashavia Cummings who shared the Salutatorian position. These young women are all in the Honour Society and plan on entering college next semester.


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Do you see the smiles, believe you, me, it was not as easy as it looks. Time, hard work, with Guyanese discipline. congratulations, for a job well done.

In the USA, Great School Rating for this school is 2. Highest rank is 10. Also, the entire high school has only 290 students – not a normal US high school. I am not saying that these girls aren’t smart, but the school has no competition for them. These girls can very well be average performers at a regular high school in the USA, that has some competition/challenge. They just happen to be the best among that set of students. Good Luck to them anyhow.

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