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Rhythm Nation C.E.O., Dimple Singh Willabus, returns to Guyana with daughter to promote the 8-year-old author’s book

Dimple Singh Willabus

Former local TV personality, Dimple Singh Willabus, is in Guyana promoting her 8-year-old daughter Anaya’s book. The young writer launched her book, ‘The day Mohan found his Confidence’ at the National Library a few days ago, and it was there that the Chronicle spoke with Dimple.

Her 8 year old daughter, Anaya Lee Willabus made history rthis year when she was named the youngest published female author of a chapter book in US History. Anaya’s book, The Day Mohan Found His Confidence, tells the story of a young boy named Mohan and the many challenges he faces at home and at school.

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