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The Day Mohan Found His Confidence by Anaya Lee Willabus

The Day Mohan Found His Confidence

This book is about Mohan and the many challenges he faces at home, as well as, school. Mohan discovers that having family and friends that believe in him and making the effort to do his best, can result in accomplishing the unexpected.

Anaya Lee WillabusAuthor Anaya Lee Willabus is an eight year old visionary who loves to read and play sports. At the age of two, Anaya Lee was taught to read by her father. She was always interested in reading various genres of books and still continues to challenge herself to read about her age level. At six years old, she was reading an average of fifteen books per month. Anaya Lee was motivated to write this book based on her first visit to her parent’s homeland, Guyana, South America. Upon her visit, she discovered various cultural differences so she wanted to share some of her experiences. Currently, Anaya Lee lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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i love that book it is inspirational

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