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Celebrating our Graduates: Okeema Humphrey, Student Government Association President at Borough of Manhattan Community College

Okeema Humphrey
Okeema Humphrey
Okeema Humphrey

BMCC Student Government Association President, Okeema Humphrey’s ultimate goal  is to give back to the country of her birth, Guyana,  but in the meantime she’s sharing very smart advice with her peers. During her recent graduation ceremony,  Okeema told the class of 2015 “whether you are employed, unemployed, or moving on to higher education …  use what you learned at BMCC to be the best version of yourself that you can be.”

Okeema is a very busy young woman. In addition to being SGA President, she is a model and a volunteer with the America Cancer Society.  Here’s her story…

“I left my homeland 4 years ago and embarked to the ‘land of opportunity’. I can say that I was blindsided and overwhelmed at the prospect of being in a strange land. I tossed and turn as the negative voices took over my life. I started my first job and things got better as I started meeting new people.

I enrolled at Borough of Manhattan Community College and two months ago I graduated with my Associates Degree while I served in their Student Government from Senator, which was an amazing yet traumatizing experience. But that didn’t stop me from wanting more out of college, the difficulties and excitement the students had after overcoming these obstacles made my heart grew, I wanted more. I wanted to do more for the students and gain more experience, so my last year in college I ran for President. The support and love from my team, advisors, mentors and the students was tremendous and even valediction dispute the rough start was tough.

Aside from school, I model, and I am currently head model of an Agency/Clothing Line Company call Living Urban Culture, and I’m also a permanent volunteer at the America Cancer Society.

My next move in a few months is the commencement of my Bachelors and Masters at CUNY Brooklyn College which I will accomplish more and one day take the honors of retuning to Guyana to start something great for students. My experience in America has helped a lot and all I want to do is Give back but not just giving back but giving back to the place I call HOME!
My motto is – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Congratulations on your accomplishments Okeema. You Rock!

Okeema Humphrey, President Student Government Association  Borough of Manhattan Community College
Okeema Humphrey, President
Student Government Association
Borough of Manhattan Community College

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