Academic Spotlight


03 Feb: Academic Spotlight on Honor Student Lisa Wilson

By the end of her senior year, Lisa Wilson will be a degree ahead of many of her peers.   The 17-year-old high school student is set to earn an Associates Degree in Biology with Honors in June 2016, prior to graduating high school.  Lisa is currently a  Smart Scholars at the Medgar Evers College Preparatory High School (MECPHS) which allows her to take Medgar Evers College courses during her high school years. Lisa was…

Okeema Humphrey

20 Jul: Celebrating our Graduates: Okeema Humphrey, Student Government Association President at Borough of Manhattan Community College

BMCC Student Government Association President, Okeema Humphrey’s ultimate goal  is to give back to the country of her birth, Guyana,  but in the meantime she’s sharing very smart advice with her peers. During her recent graduation ceremony,  Okeema told the class of 2015 “whether you are employed, unemployed, or moving on to higher education …  use what you learned at BMCC to be the best version of yourself that you can be.” Okeema is a…


10 Jul: Interview with Guyanese Valedictorian, Bibi Sulaman: “From Cotton Tree Primary to New York Valedictorian”

When she entered her guidance counselor’s office earlier this year, it was not a big revelation. Bibi Sulaman, a senior at Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences High School, had met with her counselor to verify her credits and classes before graduating this June. Casually, her counselor revealed that she was valedictorian of her class of around 150 students. “It wasn’t a surprise,” said Bibi. “[Being valedictorian] wasn’t my goal. I just tried to do my…