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She Rocks! Indomatie Goordial-John: Former West Indies Women Cricket Team Captain / Radiant Info “2010 Women’s Cricketer of the Year”

ndomatie Goordial-John during her spectacular 96 against the New Jersey Phoenix.  Photo by Shiek Mohamed
Indomatie Goordial-John during her spectacular 96 runs against the New Jersey Phoenix.
Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Born on August 9th, 1985 in Unity Village, Guyana, Indomatie Goordial-John is the eldest of three children, and the only member of her family interested in sports. A right-hand bat and off-spin bowler, Indomatie started playing tape-ball and softball cricket at the age of 13 at the Bygeval Secondary School.  She later played for the Eastern Warriors.

In 1999, Indomatie joined Unity Sports Club, one of the first women’s cricket teams in Guyana. Two years later she made her debut for the Guyana female team in the 2001 regional female tournament in St Vincent, when Guyana re-entered regional women’s cricket for the first time in 20 years.

By 2002, Indomatie was a Captain on the West Indies Female Under-23 team. She made her international debut in 2003, at aged 18, as the West Indies Team traveled to Holland to make a successful bid to qualify for the 2005 World Cup. In 2004, she toured India and Pakistan, and her 4 for 10 against Pakistan earned her a place in the West Indies World Cup squad. She also represented the West Indies in a Women’s Test match, against Pakistan, in Karachi.

Indomatie’s exposure was enhanced at the 2005 World Cup in South Africa, when West Indies made its first appearance in the world’s biggest women’s competition.  She also represented  St. Vincent at the Regional level, when resided on the small island with her Vincentian husband.  In 2009,  Indomatie completed Level I Coaching Course in Bermuda and obtained her Coaching Accreditation by the Bermuda Cricket Board before migrating to the USA.

Indomatie Goordial-John
Indomatie Goordial-John, Radiant Info
“2010 Women’s Cricketer of the Year”

By 2010, Indomatie was making a significant impact on the development of women’s cricket in the USA. She was selected for the USA Women’s Team and was a major part of the team’s dominant presence within the North American Region. She represented the USA at the 2010 ICC Americas Championship against Canada in Toronto in a three-match 50-over series as both player and Coach. Indomatie led the USA to a sweep over Canada which helped her team to clinch a spot at the 2011 Women’s World Cup Qualifier in Bangladesh, India.  She was the lead scorer in the series with 119 runs, including a top score of 83.

Indomatie’s reign in women’s cricket continued in 2010 when she was named the tournament MVP at the USA Cricket Association Women’s National Tournament in Cupertino, California.  She was the leading scorer at the event, which included a top score of 75 against the Western Chargers, and the title “Best Batter of the Tournament”.  Indomatie was also name the 2010 Radiant Info “Women’s Cricketer of the Year” by This award recognizing USA’s standout performers at the international level.

In 2011, while representing the New York area Tri-State Lynx Women’s Cricket Team. Indomatie’s scored 96 runs out of the winning 326 against the New Jersey Phoenix in the Tri State development program’s women’s 50 overs series. She also received the top score with 53 for the Tri-State Lynx in its 40-over game against the USA International Stars in Queens, New York.  She was awarded trophies for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game, most runs scored, and most wickets by a bowler in a performance.

In a 2011 interview with, Indomatie advised any young girl who wants to learn the game to start with a coach who can teach her the basic techniques first of all, and to learn to enjoy the game and just don’t play cricket for the sake of simply playing it.  “Play it because you love it and that way you will learn it a lot faster and your interest will be much higher.”, she said. Indomatie currently resides in New York.

Indomatie Goordial-John with MPV Trophy
Indomatie Goordial-John – recipient of 2010 National Women’s Cricket Tournament
Most Valuable Player (MVP) Trophy


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