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She Rocks! Author, Marcia S. Shury, Triumphs Over Hearing Loss

Marcia Shury
Author, Marcia S. Shury
Author, Marcia S. Shury

“The handicap of deafness is not in the ear; it is in the mind.”   These are the words of actress, Marlee Matlin, and Marcia Shury is determined to live in this truth.

Silent Hearer” chronicles the story of Marcia S. Shury as her happy childhood was turned upside down due to the onset of a sudden partial hearing loss.  The book details how she rose above the many obstacles and frustrations that she encountered in school, in her career and relationships as she resolved to live a normal life.

Marcia was born in  Guyana, but has spent a large portion of her adult life living in Italy and in Bermuda.  A voracious reader, she began writing poetry and prose at a young age of 11. Although examined by several specialists in their field of Ear, Nose and Throat over the years, it has never been conclusively stated that she is deaf.  “The first moment that I realized that something was wrong was when I could no longer hear my elementary school teacher in class”, Marcia shared. “She would be speaking and I had no clue as to what she was saying.”  Without a clear diagnosis, Marcia continues to work extra hard to overcome her baffling handicap.  Here is Marcia’s story, as told in her own words.

I was born in Queenstown, Essequibo, Guyana although most of my childhood life was spent on James Street, Albouystown. I am the second child of Philip Shury and Ansdell Shury and have 4 sisters and Prince. I first attended the then Collin Morris Nursery School on Smyth Street and then went on to St. Philips Primary on Princess Street and later Dolphin where I wrote the Common Entrance exams and gained a place at St Roses High School. From St. Rose’s High I enrolled at GTI and left there with the Ordinary Diploma in Commerce. I decided to enter the workforce and not go onward to University because of my hearing issues and the many challenges I was already facing. I just did not want to endure any more years of lecturers and borrowing notes in order to make it through the educational system.

Silent Hearer by Marcia Schury
Silent Hearer by Marcia Schury

I am a self taught website designer and graphic artist and the owner of Kingdom Alliance Management Consultants, this was birthed from my original company SoulStriders. The main purpose of the company is to help business owners worldwide find avenues to build and grow their businesses from the ground up. I currently do freelance advertising and marketing consultant jobs for clients in Bermuda.

Growing up as a hearing challenged person was tough, but I told myself that if anyone who can hear 100% can do something I can and I will do it better and I knew I couldn’t be alone. Many persons have asked me how come I remain so strong in the midst of so many challenges. I would laugh and say when life gives me lemons I take some sugar and make lemonade and drink it.”

In 2001 I felt it was time to share my story, but it was too painful to recount certain events so I shelved it and left it with few pages written. In 2012 I started to write short pieces about various trials and my triumphs over them but never knew how or where to start writing my personal story again until one Sunday in church my Pastor said “Let your anger give birth to your miracle”. In the next two hours of his sermon, Silent Hearer was born and completed in less than three months entirely handwritten from start to finish.”

Silent Hearer is currently available via Tate Publishing in the paperback and downloadable e-book format.  Marcia’s future goals are to first and foremost hit the Bestseller list, and to publish an additional four books; two of which have already been completed and the other two books are a work-in-progress.  Her advice to young women/girls and anyone who is afflicted with hearing loss is to never give up on themselves or their dreams no matter what challenges they face in life.  She also wants to continue to inspire people through her writing.

A devout Christian, Marcia is an active member of her local church assembly; serving as the Head of its Social Media Ministry.  When not working or writing she enjoys taking nature walks or jogging through the trails of Bermuda where she currently resides with her daughter Fidelia.

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