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She Rocks! Olivia Dope, Celebrity DJ/Classically Trained Dancer/Fashion Designer

Olivia Dope started out as a dancer, but music was always her passion which eventually led her to her true calling as a DJ. Olivia is now one of NYC’s most sought after DJs in the fashion industry. Her passion and her ability to reinvent herself makes her pretty, powerful, and provocative.

With humble beginnings as a classically trained dancer & later performing with artists such as Shaggy, Mac Miller & Chris Brown, music has always been the motivation. Olivia Dope found her true calling as a DJ using her talents as a dancer and fashion designer to create a beautiful fusion of hip hop, pop, electro, reggae, rock, R&B and house that keeps the masses engaged, both musically and visually.  “Being of Guyanese/West Indian decent, the genres of music I first introduced to was reggae, soca & calypso” Olivia share in and interview with “My father also had an extensive R&B collection so I knew who of Stevie, Diana Ross, Barry White, Donny Hathaway, and other amazing artists like them by age 5.”

That unique approach to DJing has caught the attention of clients such as Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora, Essence Magazine, celebrity designers The Blonds, Lil’ Kim, Angela Simmons, Jones Magazine and Russell Simmons’ RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation. As a Brooklyn native, Olivia Dope is a sought after DJ in NYC’s music & fashion industry.

DJ Dope
DJ Olivia Dope

Olivia’s advice to those coming behind me is to be nice to the janitor. “He just might be the best friend of that millionaire CEO you’re trying to impress. Karma is truly like a Seinfeld episode… you never know.”



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