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How do you eat your curry and roti – fingers or fork?

Curry and roti

We all know that curry and roti is one of Guyana’s most popular cuisine and a common dish within the Caribbean community. It is also much more enjoyable when you indulge with your fingers. However, one can also admit that it’s sometimes quite messy and will ruin your pale nail polish or fresh manicure. For this very reason I sometimes prefer to eat this dish only while at home where I can really dive in with my fingers.

I recently attended a function and observed one of the guests using a knife and fork to eat curry and roti.  While this may appear odd to some, I understood why a fork was being used. This person was out in public with pretty nails and did not want them to be soiled and stained.  I have to admit that I am guilty too of occasionally using a fork, but the experience is not the same.  I can never say you enjoyed good curry and roti without some finger-licking. Which leads me to ask – How you eat your curry and roti? Do you use your fingers or a fork?   Are we becoming too prim and proper and breaking tradition or are the masses still diving in finger first?

Eating curry and roti with a fork (photo re-enacted)
Curry and roti (photo re-enacted)

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