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She Rocks! Natasha Martindale – Miss Guyana World Pageant Franchise Holder

The Miss World Pageant is scheduled to take place this September in Indonesia  and the new franchise holder for Guyana,  Natasha Martindale, is busy prepping the reigning queens, Ruqayyah Boyer, to bring home the prestigious title.

The Miss World organization appointed Martindale to the Guyana franchise in late June 2013.  A former pageant contestant herself,  Martindale is a Christ Church alumni and also attended Georgetown School of Accountancy and a private College of Business & Science Studies.  Known for her tenacity and perseverance, she credits her former boss and now good friend Bebe Ramkissoon, President of Acme Photo, for the values she helped to instilled in her, and as being vital to her success. It’s was while working in Guyana as a  PA/Accounting/Marketing Manager at Acme she began sponsoring pageants and promoting Acme’s Polaroid & Fuji brand with a “Picture Perfect” campaign.  Martindale also worked closely with a number of local pageants including the Miss Bartica Regatta, Miss Queen of Queens and Miss African Heritage pageants before moving to the United States in the late 1990’s.

In her new role with the franchise, Martindale is responsible for organizing and hosting the Guyana leg of the international beauty event to find the best candidate to represent Guyana on the international stage.  “I intend to invest my time, energy and skills to instilling the high standards that I know each and every Guyanese woman has and therefore it is this type of passion that I expect to receive” she shared. “It is this type of commitment that I expect to be returned and it is this same type of positive energy and exposure that I want the world to see and experience from Miss World Guyana 2013 and beyond.”

Martindale plans to put together an excellent program for preparing contestants for the Miss World pageant.   Her goal is to partner with the business community and tourism sector in Guyana in a effort to secure sponsorships for the reigning and future Queen. The new franchise holder is also working on putting  together a new management committee for the Miss Guyana World Pageant which is expected to bring together a number of prominent Guyanese designers, business persons, public relations representatives, and beauty consultants.

According to Martindale, the committee intends to scope out the best standard as per the industry and will be adding a few more titles to the mix whereby there will be a Miss Humanitarian, Miss Talent, Miss Sports & Fitness and Miss Public Speaker and the ultimate prize….Miss World Guyana.  In addition she shared that a fundraising committee as well as a few others will be put in place to handle the related areas.  Martindale is confident that with community and sponsorship support, Miss Guyana World will continue to be one of the leading local beauty events.

Martindale is a married mother of a 22 year old child and in addition to be being a successful financial analyst and business woman, she is an artist and avid poetry writer as is evident from her Facebook Page, Train Of Thoughts .   She is also the co-founder of COLFACTS by Michelle Cole; a fashion marketing and production company also based in New York.

For more information follow Miss Guyana World on Facebook.


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