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GGR Book Club: The Stone of Fire: Secrets by Rebecca Ramnauth

The Stone of Fire: Secrets

Four diamonds—the Stone of Fire, the Stone of Water, the Stone of Air, and the Stone of Earth—have all been stolen. Their absence could lead to the mass destruction of Iliana’s dimension and the mortal world. Can Iliana alter the dangerous path of the world’s most certain future?

Fifteen-year-old Iliana’s to-do list did not include being sucked into another dimension called Airafia with a guy named Stephon. When she’s asked to go on a mission with him to save the four diamonds, she isn’t sure what to do. Does she want fire to dance across her fingertips? And what is this heated tension she feels between her and her rescuer, Jayden? It seems like everyone in Airafia has a secret, and even though she isn’t sure that she wants to, Iliana is about to discover everything. She and Stephon are the chosen ones to save one of the most powerful items in Airafia—The Stone of Fire. Will they succeed?

The first book in the Secrets series is a ride through dimensions where intense battles that secure the well-being of the mortal world rage on. Unbeknownst to some, they are all too real for others like Iliana.


Rebecca RamnauthABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Rebecca Ramnauth is a young author who started writing when she was in grade two. When she hit age twelve, she wanted to take writing a bit more seriously, and published her first book at thirteen. When she’s not writing, you can catch her playing music or sports, camping and fishing, or watching her favourite T.V show. She lives with her mom, dad, brother, and adorable little doggie Cookie in Alliston, Ontario.  Follow Rebecca on Twitter @RamnauthRebecca

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Way to go Becky. Proud of you. Reach for the skies. I’m watching out for the second one.

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