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She Rocks! Beverly Harper – Serving the Rotary Club of Demerara for Over 20 Years!

I joined Rotary because I wanted to give back in a more structured manner and the idea that I could do so together with other professionals appealed to me.

From the 25 of us who first joined Demerara, 21 years ago, I only knew one of the other members well. Since then there has probably been at least another 60/70 persons who have been members of our club and I can honestly say that in many cases I can still count them as friends.

I have gained so much from Rotary in terms of skills, experiences, travel both in Guyana and abroad, but in all of this it has been the people I have met along the journey who I value more than anything else. I may have assisted helping others in the process, but those persons and rotary helped me become the person I am and I am extremely grateful.

Name: Beverly Harper

Dated Joined: 12th September 1993

Classification: Management

Source:  Rotary Club of Demerara

Beverly Harper
Beverly Harper

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