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Princess “Shuri” Attends Met Gala With A Handsome Prince

Last night our very own princess “Letitia Wright” made her debut appearance at the Met Gala with a handsome date at her side. The internet was abuzz after the Black Panther & Avengers star showed up on the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Star Wars actor, John Boyega. But although the two breakout stars look great together, they are just friends who have know each other before they both became famous as they were both students at London’s Identity School of Acting.

The year’s Met Gala had a Catholic theme and Letitia’s gown was inspired by Ethiopian pastors. According to her stylist, Ade Samuel, as a devoted Christian Letitia wanted to stay true to who she. She decided that she wanted to do an Ethiopian interpretation of Christianity. A close look at her Coach gown reveals the golden cloth and embroidery that was inspired by Ethiopian pastors’ clothing. She even decided to go with a traditional Ethiopian hairstyle, to keep the African theme going.

Letitia’s Gown was designed by Coach

Letitia, now 24, has always been vocal about her faith. “Everybody has their thing that they’re truthful about,” the actress told Vanity Fair in February. “My thing is just a love of God.”

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