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Celebrating Our Nurses: Meet Carlotta Eversley-Gabriele, Personal Consultant & Co-Owner of Elite Nursing Services

Carlotta Eversley-Gabriele is a native of Guyana, born to the late Professor, Calvin Eversley Esq, and to the late Claudette Jordan-Eversley. She migrated to the United States in the early 90’s.  Carlotta is a wife of 19 years and mother to three children 18 and 11 year boys, and 14 year old girl.

Professionally, Carlotta has always strived for excellence, first attending Georgia State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, graduating Magnum Cum Laude, and recently obtained a master’s in nursing education from Walden University, graduating with honors. To help broaden her impact on the community, Carlotta will be pursuing a Doctor of Nursing degree in the Fall. After working as a bedside nurse for several years, she decided to return to her Alma mater and began teaching as a clinical professor as one way to effect positive change in the medical community.

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” ~ Val Saintbury

During the course of her professional career, Carlotta has always sought to make positive changes in her personal and professional communities. As a nurse in one of Atlanta’s well-established hospitals, Carlotta held the position of vice-chairperson for their Partnership Counsel, a unit-based group designated to track nurse clinical practices and determine improvement needs, then propose Evidence-Based Practice changes. The following year, Carlotta became the Chairperson for the group, and also chosen to be a part of the hospitals Shared Governance, a committee that evaluated needs for changes in clinical practices for the entire hospital. Most recently, Carlotta’s clinical expertise landed her a position as part of a clinical Project at Grady called ICARE, Interdisciplinary Clinical Assessment Rounding and Evaluation, whose objectives are the identification of process and system issues causing delay in care; evaluating clinical outcomes; and implementing risk reduction strategies to prevent patient harm.

Carlotta at work.

Personally, Carlotta faced a significant share of challenges throughout her life, and in spite of them, made the conscious choice to be an overcomer. She considers herself blessed to have risen above those many challenges and it has become one of her life’s mission to champion for and mentor young girls to learn the truth of their personal worth, and to empower women in general.

Carlotta is a Transformational speaker, considering herself to be an “Agent of Change!” and is “INTENTIONAL” about everything she does! Currently, she is a personal consultant and co-owner of Elite Nursing Services, a private home care provider company that she co-founded with her husband that is  servicing the metro Atlanta area.   Carlotta continues to appear at speaking engagements and conduct seminars on “Self-empowerment”, “Intentionality”, and “Excellence” every opportunity she gets. Though, she will always say that her GREATEST accomplishments in her life are her family, and the success of her children.

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Carlotta with her family.

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Go Mommy! You are such a positive and relatable example to young girls around,including me. You are the epitome of strength and what a lady should be and possess. I love you and yes…GUYANESE GIRLS ROCK!

You are truly deserving of everything beautiful that you have worked for. Continue to follow the path of excellence in all your endeavors. Peace , love and growth!

So proud of you my sister. Much love and respect, and continued success..

Carlotta, you are such an amazing woman that God has gifted to enhance so many lives. Continue to spread the positive energy that makes us all desire and strive to be better than the day before. Because of you, i am encouraged and YES # Guyanese Girls Rock

This is a well deserved honor for you my friend. God knows you jumped hurdles, traveled rough roads and went through dark tunnels but stayed the course to the finish line. You are definitely an inspiration to your inner circle and all those who have the pleasure of crossing your path. You are a Guyanese girl who definitely Rock. So proud to know you my sista/friend and thank you gor sharing your inspiration with me every day. I feel blessed❤

Dear Dr
We will be glad to invite you to the speaker’s at International Conference on Nursing Education in Las Vegas, USA, Nov- 26-27, 2018. Certainly this will be a great opportunity to showcase your innovation in front of reputed personalities

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