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A Piece of Black Cake for Santa

Yolanda T. Marshall was born in Guyana, South America. As a cross-genre writer, Miss Marshall silently commands you to read and digest life’s cultural motions. The oldest of three girls, she began writing poems at the age of 8. A daughter of a talented Guitarist, her lyrics manifest into poetry, like a genetic code. Poems such as “Serenaded in New York,” “Delia Sings the Blues” and “Single Rose” flow on a mellow Jazz -like note.

The name of her first book, “Obayifo“, originates from the Ashanti tribe. It is the name given to an African Witch. The poem visits the works of Obeah, its people and fears. Miss Marshall’s dynamic ability to address matters of the heart is limitless. One all time favourite remains, “Train Ride To Babylon”, Miss Marshall questions religion, as she explores the mind of an experienced older woman – offering her reader a glimpse into the life of a black woman’s struggles with poverty within a commercialized society. This poetry book was published in 2008, while Yolanda attended University of Toronto.

Yolanda is a new mother of one based in Canada. She was inspired to write her second book, a children’s book named “Keman’s First Carnival“after becoming a mom. This 2016 publication is about a young, Black Canadian child’s first experience of Toronto’s annual Caribbean Carnival. The excited 8 year old and his Mother enjoyed the rituals at the Caribbean celebration, such as picking a flag to wave, the Caribbean influenced foods, dancing, costumes and music.

The Author’s third release, ‘Messages on Dried Leaves‘ is a mild resurrection of the Author’s first poetry book, ‘Obayifo’. This book is a poetic collection of personal notes, texts, emails and voicemails sent to muses of the past.

“A Piece of Black Cake for Santa” was recently published and it is the Author’s second Children’s book. This book illustrates the holidays experience of Femi and her friends, who planned to leave a few traditional Caribbean treats out for Santa, including Black Cake. The Kids shared warm wishes for their favourite dishes, while enjoying winter activities at the Christmas fair.

This Author was a winner of the CIBWE award for Canada’s Top 100 Black women to watch in 2017.

A world traveler, a jazz lover and a devoted Mother, she embodies Art and takes her readers on adventurous, poetic journeys.


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