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Growing Up Guyanese


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Growing Up Guyanese

Author: Ashti A. Motilall
Pages: 116
Publisher: XLIBRIS
Publication Date: 2017
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This memoir specifically highlights the experiences of a female of Indo-Guyanese decent growing up in the Midwest. Often confused for being an immigrant East Indian, Ashti offers a brief exposure to a thriving culture that is consistently overlooked. Ultimately, she aims to show others what it is like to be a West Indian living in the United States.

As she explains her ethnic background, Ashti also covers the nuances of growing up Guyanese—the struggles she and others like herself face and the comical interactions they have all likely experienced. As it progresses, the book delves deeper into a theme of finding oneself. This occurs as the author reaches adulthood and makes discoveries that all millennials must make in their lifetime. Highly anecdotal, Growing Up Guyanese offers any reader regardless of ethnicity something to which he or she can relate.

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